Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can I get a heartbreaking loss, please?

I don't like losing, but I won't throw myself into a volcano when my team drops a few games either. I've built up a tolerance to losing because I'm a lifelong Pirates and Buccaneers fan. But Gannon's six losses this year have been -30, -14, -26, -20, -16, and finally -21 at East Stroudsburg today. You want to be a faithful fan, but with 5 minutes left in the game, basically all hope is gone.

The problem once again was more on offense (or as some crabbier GU fans would say, "moron offense"). Gannon committed 26 turnovers and made only 16 field goals on just 46 attempts vs. ESU. The Warriors had 15 more field goal attempts than Gannon, a theme that's repeated itself a few times already through 10 games. Now the Knights have full week to get ready for PSAC crossover home games against Bloomsburg (6-4) and Mansfield (7-4). I don't want to put added pressure on Gannon, but ... the pressure's on. The pressure isn't just to win, but to start executing consistently on offense and score in the 60s or 70s in back-to-back games against decent opponents. Winning ugly is better than getting creamed, of course, but that still wouldn't provide permanent lift. It would mean the offense is still off the rails. And if it doesn't get on track soon, the Knights won't be able to string together victories over PSAC opponents, let alone allow us Gannon fans to suffer some close losses.


  1. Only down 10. Very manageable.


  2. Now down 17 with 15 minutes to go -- shooting less than 30% from the field and under 50% from the foul line with 14 turnovers. If you can't score the ball, you can't win the game.

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  4. Deficit at 15 right now. 10 turnovers a piece at the half, now it's Gannon 21 ESU 15 (and there's still 6:30 left!).

    Still wondering why Bouldes isn't playing much?! I don't know how many turnovers he may have had, if any, but he has 4 assists (leading the team) and has barely played! Bryant and Piotrowicz have a combined goose egg in the assists column.

    Surprised to see that George is shooting 50% from 3 range, but well under 40% from the field in general. Playing back to back games like this, however, has to take a toll on you (especially coming off playing back-to-back games in the Cup). Then back at it next weekend. Oh, well!

    P.S. - I agree with Sean, the ESU announcer is REALLY annoying! However, the Clarion announcer still tops him. That game was hard to sit through with him... I wanted to jump out of the bleachers and take the mic away several times! haha

  5. The Knights offense is very frustrating in its pass-first, shoot if absolutely necessary mentality. Only George is an aggressive shooter.
    Other than that, it seems as if the guys are afraid of potentially missing a shot and then getting pulled. When you have 12 other guys sitting on the bench ready to replace you in the event of a mistake, that likely makes the guys feel too much pressure.
    That passing game worked last year with a really talented/cohesive unit. How about lets see some plays drawn up for quick hits?

  6. Yikes ... 26 more turnovers. Demski had nine?

    Coach Corey -- Not sure how far back you go as a GU fan, but were you at the 1989 game at Buffalo? By far the most annyoing PA announcer.

    One more stat:

    GU's record with me in attendance: 4-0
    GU's record without me in attendance: 0-6

    I plan to be there on Saturday. Hopefully they can keep my winning streak alive. I can't make it Sunday, but here's hopin' they shake the losing streak.

  7. Again, about demski, I understand he's a leader and knows the system, but...
    0-1 from field for 0 points
    3 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal
    36 minutes played

    at what point can we let someone else try to lead, or just let someone else gain experience at the position? Again, Ive always like Demski and still do, but IMO he's really not helping this team progress. . Maybe he's good in practice with them and I'm sure they are learning things from him, but 0 points and 9 turnovers in 36 minutes played, how is he helping? Hrs not even producing on the defensive end either like he used to. I'm still blaming the back injury. Remember this is the kid that was diving left and right for the ball last year; not this year.

    I don't think anyone should be starting over him BUT if he's played 20+ mins and your down by a good margin why not take him out to let simmons, furno, jones, get the experience or put scandrett in to maybe give him some time to get his confidence back?!

  8. Scattered thoughts and observations-

    No doubt that, although Demski is a warrior and one of Gannon's only available veterans (I personally love the kid's game when he's 100%), having him play so much is hurting the team, and likely him as well. He has looked pretty stiff on the court (I know he's playing while wearing a brace) and it might be getting worse. He simply cannot keep up with the people he is to guard, as witnessed by the number of points scored by opponents he guarded on the road trip. Nine turnovers and a fairly high number of to's on Saturday as well indicate he is having problems out there. He needs to get more rest, particularly when playing back-to-back games.

    To Jeremy's point about players being afraid to make mistakes for fear of being pulled (which can really inhibit your game), it looks to be true, but that only seems to apply to some of the players. Others (mostly starters)are making mistakes in droves and still logging major minutes. They're pretty careless with the ball without any fear of getting pulled. That accounts for the turnover problems the Knights are experiencing.

    Sounds more and more like Bryant is forcing things a little too much as he's feeling his way into the offense. Too many missed shots and too many turnovers so far, and it sounds to be getting worse.

    The shooting problems the Knights are experiencing is only partially bad shooting. However, since so many players are struggling, it also might have something to do with the offenses they are using. Obviously, whatever offenses they are employing are NOT creating many open shots at all. The lack of a consistent inside game isn't helping open up many open perimeter shots, either.

    Noticed that Piotrowicz was criticized for not having any assists on Sunday, but it's tough to pile up a lot of any type of stats when you only play 2 minutes. Also noticed Dexter only played 4 minutes. Still looks like Coach Reilly is experimenting quite a bit with his lineup, which makes it harder for the players to perform consistently, since they play X number of minutes one game, then so many fewer the next. Don't expect stellar efforts from the team as long as the experimenting continues.

  9. - I noticed that Urbana beat Edinboro by 15 yesterday and shot over 50% from beyond the arc again. Maybe Urbana isnt as bad as advertised.
    - Also saw that Behrend played Cornell, who just took Kansas to the wire last night. Pretty good for a local team to play that caliber of a club.
    - Listened to Reilly on 1330 last night, and the one thing that stuck out is that he wanted the Knights to pass the ball MORE. He feels that once the ball stops moving the Knights are unable to create shots on their own. Ill agree about the failure to create, but I'm not so convinced by the need to pass more considering all the turnovers. Plus, teams know just to lay back into a zone D and as long as they are disciplined and capable of shifting to their spots on the floor, they can stop the Knights easily.

  10. The only problem with that theory is that few, if any, opponents(I don't know about last weekend, but if I have a chance to talk to a player, I'll find out)are playing zone against the Knights. The bigger problem, as I said before, is that the offensive sets that GU is using (particularly the post-up offense where the ball is passed into the post, hoping for a double team, then tossed back out hopefully for an open shot) aren't creating enough good shot opportunities. The turnovers come when the Knights become either careless with their passes, try too hard to drive to the basket against pressure and lose the ball or travel in the process) and/or try to force passes that have a low chance of success (kind of desperation passes). The simple truth is that, without the theat of a more effective inside game or an effective motion offense usimg movement and screens to get open, the Knights aren't going to get a lot of high percentage shots.