Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two parts to this post

Part I: Looking at the box score from Gannon's 70-51 loss at Clarion, the most disappointing numbers came on defense. Gannon was outrebounded 34-27 and allowed Clarion to shoot 50% from the field, including 7-of-16 on threes. Some of the numbers on offense weren't much better. Swann and Bryant were a combined 2-for-14 from the floor. After his coming out party Wednesday, Simmons scored just 2 points in 8 minutes. I guess this is what we should expect from a team that's played inconsistently all season. Heck, the team roster hasn't been consistent, so how can we expect the team to be consistent?

Part II: I recommend you read the comments below in this post. Lots of interesting discussion going on. One of the discussions surrounds the fact that former GU coach Jerry Slocum never won an NCAA playoff game, despite 5 consecutive trips to the tournament. Slocum's NCAA win-loss record pales in comparison to Reilly, Dukiet, and Chapman who have each made runs to Springfield. But when you look how they did away from the Hammermill Center in the NCAAs, all four coaches basically even. Chapman is the only one to win an NCAA game away from Peach Street, David Morris carrying the Knights over Eastern Montana in the 1987 Final Four. Had Slocum been in the East Region instead of the Great Lakes (with Ky. Wesleyan, S. Indiana, Michigan Tech, and Findlay oh my!), he would have hosted an NCAA regional and won some games. That circumstance wouldn't make him a smarter coach; just a coach in different circumstances.

Seems like we're always asking for more from our coach -- one more win, one more good player, one more successful inbounds play -- but never appreciate what they produced. Maybe now some GU fans can better appreciate Slocum's consistent success.


  1. I heard a rumor that Dexter quit the team. Checked the roster and sure enough, he is not listed.Now five who have left (Sweny, Dot, Saunder, Reid, Dexter). What is going on?

    Go Knights for two in a row!

  2. I know this is the mens blog but anyone know why Caitlin appears to be in the doghouse?! First off the bench most of the season, key player last year as a frosh... Hasn't played more than 3-4 minutes now in 2 games?! Thought maybe she was hurt, but she's been warming up so that's out.

    To get this back to mens blog, hope these refs for womens game
    aren't a sign of what's to come... Ugh!

  3. GUBBFWLR: Thanks for sharing that info. There's not enough PT to go around.

  4. cc -- I have been asked this as well about Caitlin. She's a great shooter, but not a great defender; she doesn't have great quickness. Quickness was needed.

    Also, the emergence of Julie Kleber has reduced Lowe's playing time as well. Kleber is playing terrific. And Caitlin can shoot, but they don't need more shooters ... Vargas, Nolan, Crocker, Freeman, Kleber ... they've got plenty. Lowe will play a ton next year.

    Knights down 38-23. Yuk. Didn't hear the turnover numbers.

  5. Dexter may not be on the team, but he's here in presence because brannen just got called for a foul and the announcer said "foul on number 32 Daren Dexter, his first". It was actually brannens second (but if it helps avoid foul trouble, give it to 32!

  6. This roster turnover is really becoming a disturbing trend for this coaching staff. Six guys (Jonathan Jones was missing from the above list) have left so far this year and almost seven when you include George's disappearance.
    This coaching regime has seen the premature departure of way too many guys over the past 5 years, including Ty Pace, Shelby Chaney, Brandon Altmann, Wil Johnson, and Marcus Lemon just to name those off the top of my head.
    In their place, we've seen one great recruting class (07) and the rest of the classes a helter-skelter assortment of players.
    Its hard for us on the outside to know if the problem is soft players or over-demanding coaches. But when three out of the five years have seen unprecedented turmoil, it very well might be time for this staff to look itself in the mirror.
    Plus, I don't remember a single defection under Slocum...

  7. Down by about 15 with about 12 to go at Clarion in mid-January ... sounds familiar ... at least for 20 years ago.

    Is Chris Hollan available?

  8. Jeremy- I agree that the daily roster changes are hard to take in, but look at the players who have left. Did any leave and go on to have great careers? I've kept tabs on players who have left and Lemon is the only one who went to a decent school and did anything. I'm not even including the Hurst defect in the convo because I look at leaving a school for a huge rival school as the same as treason. Also, Yanke had a good showing at clarion, but in the past several bloggers on here have said they wouldn't want him back so that takes him of the list as well.

    Overdemanding coach- I can see that being a flag people might throw up given the numerous departures, but at the same point (as many people have put on here) the majority of these players are on athletic scholarships meaning if it wasn't for the coaching staff they wouldn't be getting the education or chance they are getting. So if I'm a player on a team where the coaching staff wants to have a 24-hour practice the day before a game, like it or not, I'm going to to smile and be there... Early and ready to go.

    I also agree that you never (I think never at least, if not never than rarely) saw a player depart early under Coach Slocum. However, you also never (and this is a definite never) saw his team win a NCAA game. Did they ever even win the GLIAC? I can't remember for sure, but I don't recall it. This is not a diss on him as a coach either; he was a great coach. He proved that then and proved it
    now at YSU. But he never took them to the next level.

    Coach Slocums tenure- several years (9? More..?), one player gone early for sure but different situation (Rich Bush; also did Kharmen Winguard leave under him? And also there was a big guy that left for Daemen as well that I believe was under him), several winning seasons (almost every season if not every season), huge name players (Steve Moyer, Josh Morgan, Kamara Mintz, Geoff Husted, Tony Lyons, Javar Cheatham, Kwame Manu, Zaid Al-Khas, etc.), GLIAC playoff berths (no championships, but don't quote me), NCAA playoff berths (no wins)

    Coach Reillys tenure- 6 years, several players left early, one of the worst records in school history, 2 consecutive NCAA playoff appearances + wins, PSAC Champs, Atlantic Region Champs, Elite 8 berth, two of the best seasons in school history...

    I'm sticking with Coach Reilly, Coach Viscuso and the rest of their staff.

    Sidenote - Gannon only committed 16 turnovers and shot 40% from the field... those stats are MUCH better than the past games. However, the 40% from the line, the fact that Clarion took our big guy out of the game with great defense, and the fact that the refs took us out of the game most of the game killed us.

  9. The refs didn't take GU out of the game today, the Knights' failure to work hard enough did. Many (not all) GU players looked lethargic today, most of all in 2 areas. On defense, some of the Knights were playing chase, as Clarion got as many back door layups off simple backscreens and cuts as you should see in an entire season at this level. Secondly, as a team, they never were able to consistently establish good offensive position in the post. Hard to say if the post players weren't working hard enough to get to a good spot or if quicker or harder working Clarion defenders were beating them to or pushing them off the good spots. Also, GU perimeter players may not have beeen working hard enough to create the proper angle for the entry pass. Either way, because the inside game was pretty much non-existent, there weren't that many easy shots out there today. Johnson made some very tough shots.

    Hard to say whether GU players just weren't trying, whether Clarion was just quicker, or if (as some have suggested)the Knights have tired legs from the rumored game-day practices.

    Whatever the reason, GU looked slow today, and that, not the refs, not turnovers, not abysmal shooting, cost them the game.

    Just some clarification on the comments regarding past Gannon players. As to the inclusion of Kwame Manu as a "huge name player", well, I beg to differ. Mintz was good, but not great. And, if I'm not mistaken, Moyer finished his career under Slocum, but was brought to GU by the Dukiet regime. Can't credit the cheerful one for finding Steve.

    Regarding players leaving (and they have been at an alarming rate, haven't they?), the way things are going and the expressions I see on some players' faces, I don't think the latest defection will be the last ((FYI-the Knights dressed only 12 at Clarion). All we can hope for is that Coach Reilly is able to get enough decent players to stay, then bring in some new guys to fill in the holes next year.

  10. I can say one thing. I listened to the lady Knights game on WCUC while viewing it live. Thank heavens we have two good annoncers in Sean A and Jimmy L. The clowns from Clarion were so biased I wondered what game they were watching. I finally had to turn off the radio. It was raising my BP and I needed to calm down.
    The stripes in the women's game called it like a trio of footlocker rejects. Absolutely terrible,

  11. Yah Manu wasn't a huge name haha I just always liked him so when I was naming people his name came to mind. Mintz was a very talented point guard, wasn't a Lindsey, cheatham, or Bryant because he wasn't a huge scorer but passing and ball control wise he was very talent, along with defense.

    I did not say slocum had big recruits, I said players. Regardless if he is responsible for getting moyer, he had him. And with him did nothing. That was just the point.

    In the first half, I did not see any lethargic knights. They just flat out got beat by good players. They still haven't mastered Gannons man defense as a team and it showed when they got beat. In the second half, I most definitely did see lethargic knights. But this came after the refs made some ridiculous calls. When you have 13 fouls against you and only 5 for you and the game is just about out of reach, I'd be lethargic too.

    Anyone watch UCONN women just demolish Notre Dame?? Talk about an awesome program. I watched the end of the Texas-TX AM game and then watched the UCONN women... Totally regretted watching the Texas guys game haha UCONN women are just so much better than everyone else in the womens game at this point, 56 straight and hoping to see a ton more along with another championship. Hope the Gannon women may be able to bring it home as well. Very impressive second half for them today.

  12. Also, where was Harris?

  13. CoachCorey, by focusing on Slocum's won/loss record, you overlook the fact that by keeping his players on the team, he kept them in school and on track to graduate. When all of these guys leave now, chances are they aren't going to be staying around GU. While we all enjoy watching the Knights play basketball, there is that whole other aspect called school that these guys are supposed to win at as well.
    Fact is that Slocum kept guys around to get a degree from a good school and start a good career. Slocum was a harsh coach but always a classy man who commanded respect, which is probably why his players still wanted to play for him. When you have nearly a dozen guys leave your program in a few years as the current regime has had, I just don't think that the respect is there now.
    Again, its hard to say who is completely at fault here, but the sheer number of defections make it painfully obvious that something is not right. With the only constant being the coaching staff, I am going to have to lean to the problem being there.

  14. I understand this, but at the same point I'm sure Coach Reillys term of contract and hopes of keeping his job aren't going to be based on kids graduating. Now if he had a case like a major D1 coach is dealing with, where the guys are playing ball for four years and then still not graduating, I'd say he'd have a huge problem. However in his first two years departures included Wil Johnson, Brandon Altsman, Marcus Lemon (grades; that was in the newspaper when he transferred), Shelby Chaney, Pat Washington, Ron Hollis, Josh Yanke, Joe Jones. All of them left, yet Gannon still gave Coach Reilly his extension. Do you think they thought those were one time deals? I doubt it. He was brought here to return Gannon basketball to a major program. Yes of course Gannon wants their students to graduate, and so do the coaches, but he also NEEDS to win to keep his job. How many coaches do you know have had horrible records but all the players graduated and that kept the coach around. Not many. Washington left the team, but stayed at Gannon. Chaney graduated from Mercyhurst, Altsman went to William & Mary, Marcus to Philadelphia University, Hollis and Yanke went to Clarion. They all at least graduated from a school. With the exception of Marcus and Shelby, they all left because of playing time. So that's only 2 that have possibly left for reasons other than playing time. This year Corey, Dexter, Jones and Reid all left due to playing time issues. Corey is still at Gannon and is planning on graduating from Gannon. Sweny and Sanders departures reasons are unknown. So even at that, that's only 4 players in Coach Reillys time that have possibly left for reasons other than playing time. That's not bad at all. When recruiting, most of these players come in with the hope and expectation of immediate playing time if not starting position. Obviously that's not possible and egos become bruised and people get upset. Playing time
    is a reasonable reason for a player leaving. It happens.

    He brought in Kyle, Joe, Pierre, Dave, Alfonso, Ty, Stosh, Cory, Demski, truskaukas; all of whom graduated from Gannon. Kyle finished his Masters at Gannon and is playing for the BayHawks, Pierre is playing overseas, Dave is heading overseas, Stosh is a teacher.

    My take is that 1. players quit because of playing time, it's not a huge issue
    and 2. some players need to check their egos and stick it out. Then Gannon would retain and graduate even more players. It's much easier to do when you have a winning team (alas past 2 years) but not when you come in and are losing (this year). The letter that Jim openly wrote for George should be applied to all the players who have left.

  15. GUFan- I know we discussed this at the game, but those refs were a little ridiculous. But as I was thinking about it, have we seen a game yet where the refs were awesome?! I don't think so. Side note: one of my brothers plays high school ball through our Church in Cleveland and apparently the ref at his game yesterday was telling the other ref & some parents he has been traveling a lot & had to ref "an amazing game at Gannon in Erie on Wednesday." Maybe this is a trend with the refs? They're used to calling high school CYO games??

  16. When you say that these players left for playing time issues, what evidence do you have to go on? I don't think that it is as clear cut as you have made it that player X left for solely playing time reasons and player Y left solely for other reasons.
    There are always multiple factors going into every decision, and I am willing to bet that some of this coaching staff's actions play a part. Besides, Hollis, Altmann and Washington were either starting or playing key minutes for the Knights before they left, so I think your estimation is off there.

    As far as playing time, I think some of the guys, especially the JUCO transfers, have a right to feel mislead. They came here expecting to play an important role in the team, but it turns out that the team is vastly overstaffed. Perhaps the coaches have not been especially clear or forthright in disclosing to their recruits what role they will play on the team? It seems that the strategy of this staff is to pile up as many players as possible and then sort through them like cattle to pick their favorites. Who wouldn't be miffed after that? Why shouldn't Darren Dexter feel betrayed after he transferred here only to see Larry Swann fly in from out of the blue?

    Of course I know that he needs to win to keep his job, but there is more than just winning that goes into it. It appears that there is a problem with this coaching staff relating to the players and I don't think you can pin this all on the players as you have done. Like it or not this staff does have a track record of players leaving abruptly. We never saw that with Slocum and I don't know of many other college programs who have had that happen either. It's a black eye on Gannon and makes recruiting the top players more difficult.

  17. I think Jim makes a great point about Jerry Slocum's NCAA record: it came in the Great Lakes region against some of the toughest teams in the country (can't forget Grand Valley too). Just to survive those GLIAC seasons was an accomplishment.

  18. I agree with Jeremy, something is wrong when this many players have left under Reilly's tenure.The question I would ask is could this many players leaving be the fault of all these players? I think Reilly needs to look in the mirror.

  19. Beth,
    Check this one out.
    scroll down to Atlantic

  20. I have to agree with several of the previous posters. I have been following Gannon basketball for over 30 years. Never have I seen such a constant revolving door of players leaving. There is a serious problem going on in this program right now? Who is to blame? Coaches? The players that are being recruited? I d know. Now you are always going to have kids leaving programs for various reasons. That is just the nature of college sports. But at such an alarming rate? This coaching staff has seen nearly a dozen kids leave the program in the last 4 years. Now in regard to Coach Slocum. I was always of the opinion that he was never fully appreciated by the Gannon faithful. Coach Slocum was an outstanding coach, and in my opinion one of the best if not the best to ever roam the sidelines at the Mill. He consistently one year in and year out. Consistently went the NCAA tourney year in and year out. And brought in quality student athletes to the university. Never the turnover that we are witnessing now. I certainly hope that this gets turned around. It makes it hard to look toward the remainder of the season and even into next when you dont know who is going to be on your roster from game to game. Go Knights!

  21. Reilly won his NCAA debut in 07-08. Hosted by GVSU. Then lost to Findlay second game.

  22. Thanks for the history lesson, I remember that pretty clearly. This coaching staff certainly did have a couple of very good years, and some pretty bad ones. I'm not advocating for Reilly to go; I just think he and his assistant need to shoulder some blame and reevaluate their coaching methods.

  23. I was just correcting Jim because he said chapman is the only coach to win NCAA game away from the Audi.

  24. Some random observations on the subjects included in this discussion.
    -First off, IMO, although Slocum did have an excellent record in retaining players to go along with a ton of other positives in his time at Gannon, his reputation as a hard-to-please coach may have compromised his ability to recruit impact style players at small forward. He always seemed to be one 6'5" slasher/shooter/stopper away from having a complete team. In that many NCAA appearances (even in a very tough region), you'd expect at least ONE win, but again, IMO, his teams were never quite good enough, always seeming to lack that excellent #3 man.
    -Whether Dexter was upset about Swann dropping out of nowhere, I don't know, but I spotted a bad attitude in him as early as the first game. People who know players told me that he was complaining about how much he was getting the ball even before formal practice started.
    -No one's mentioned this before, but I have to wonder whether the loss of Buckner hurt Reilly's plans for this season. Could explain the addition of Crouch in the first week of September and Swann later on when shooting the ball turned into such a big problem.
    -I agree that some of the players who left had issues other than playing time. This year, for example, I'm pretty sure that Reid had a problem with how hard the coaches were expecting him to work defensively, particularly in practice. Someone had told me that Sanders wanted to play on the perimeter, not the post, which is where the coaches wanted him to play. A couple years back, Marcus Lemon was playing significant minutes at year end, but left mostly in sympathy with his AAU teammates, Altman and Johnson, who weren't, and, frankly, shouldn't have been, getting significant PT.
    -I saw the Clarion game, and I still say that the refs weren't that bad. Did they miss a few calls here and there? Yes, and they also made an obvious attempt after the game was no longer in question in the last few minutes to even up the total team fouls by making some ticky-tack calls against Clarion on physical plays that they had been allowing up until then. That aside, I thought the Knights defensive effort just wasn't there consistently on Saturday. Clarion played quicker and harder.
    -I think that it's tough to blame Reilly for ALL the players that have left, particularly early on in his tenure. I think players like Hollis, Yanke, Chaney, and Washington who were holdovers from Slocum's regime may not have liked Reilly's style/philosophy, realized that fact, and chose alternatives to finish their careers.

  25. Gannon74- I was just about to apologize because it seemed to be everyone agianst me on that topic, but I'm glad to know it's not only me who sees certain things differently than others.

    To all, however, I am by no means trying to disrespect Coach Slocum in anyway. He was and is a great coach. His departure to YSU shows that. I know he came off as fairly smug, but I had the privilege of meeting him on a few occasions and he was one of the nicest people I've ever met. I am also not trying to put Coach Reilly on a pedastool either. In my opinion Coach Chapman was the greatest coach in Gannon history. His attitude, personality, energy, sense of humor, coaching ability, recruiting ability, etc. Everything! Even had he not went to the NCAA Championship or had the multiple NCAA wins, I'd still think that way!

    It's not just about wins, it's about everything. But I'm standing firmly that the number of departures has nothing to do with being a good/bad coach. Coach Slocum and Coach Reilly are both great coaches in their own respects. I am still putting Coach Reilly slightly ahead of Coach Slocum because he never got the "big win". Also Coach Reilly won his GLIAC division in his 3rd year. Findlay was always a good team and that hurt Coach Slocum, but Coach Reilly went against GVSU and Findlay who were both top 5 teams and put up good showings.

  26. gannon74: While I agree with you that an impact small forward would have been nice, how did Slocum's hard to please personality restrict solely small forwards from coming to Gannon? Are talented centers and guards inherently not bothered by demanding coaches?
    As far as Buckner, anyone who saw him writhing in pain on the court in the game early in the 08-09 season should have known that his career was basically done. If Reilly was counting on Buckner to play alot this year, then thats quite a bad job of planning for the season.
    In regards to Reid and Sanders disagreeing with where they should play, shouldn't that have been something made fairly clear before they ever signed letters of intent?
    CC3: We'll have to respectfully agree to disagree when you say that the departures have NOTHING to do with being a good/bad coach. I dont blame the coaches completely, but I'm standing firmly that they need to take at least a part of the blame.
    To me it is clear that the Reilly/Viscuso system is "its my way or the highway."
    Yes, when you get guys with exceptional character like Goldcamp, Wilson, Knight, they will be more likely to buy into that system. But those guys willing to put themselves through that bootcamp come along once in a blue moon; Reilly even said so himself on one postgame interview this year.
    Like it or not, most 18-22 year olds today do not like being screamed at,practiced to the bone (even on gamedays!)and expected to become clones of their coaches; it just doesn't motivate them like the coaches think it might.
    My reading of the situation is that the coaches have a difficult time connecting to the "less-motivated" guys without alienating them. I don't believe that is any way to build a sustainable program.
    I truly hope that Reilly finds a way to better connect with ALL of his players and I am willing to give him that chance.

  27. Speaking of buckner, where's he been?! Hasn't been on bench in games! Did he graduate last semester?

    Speaking of where was he, Preston on Saturday anyone?

    Speaking of Saturday, can anyone imagine if THIS George Johnson was on last years team? That central mo game couldve been totally different! Johnson was great last year but more on the defensive level than offensive. This George is jus t totally on a different level. Albeit he is kind of forced to be, but still!

  28. cc3: Preston may not have traveled with the team because the men's team does not always take everyone. If Reilly knew Preston wasn't going to see game action, he might have kept him on campus.
    As for Buck, he did not graduate. I've seen him many times on campus this semester, in classes and such. Didn't he get hurt pretty bad last season, or was it the season before? He might not have gotten back to playing shape.
    As for George, I don't like playing the "what if" game when talking about former seasons, players, etc. His talent is maturing with his playing time and his leadership role. The more time he has to play, the better he is going to be. It's just like some of the earlier posts about Kleber and Lowe with the women's team. The more playing time they get, the better they are becoming.

  29. To Jeremy, all I'm saying is that, for whatever reason, Slocum wasn't ever able to recruit an impact small forward. The really good players at that position are typically the hardest players to recruit because there aren't many who can do everything well. They must be able to shoot, drive, handle, and defend both larger AND quicker, smaller players. They also get more coaches chasing them, so they're more particular about who they sign with. If an excellent prospect at that position envisioned a possible problem dealing with Coach Slocum's gruff "motivational skills", it's unlikely that he'd sign with GU. None ever did under Slocum.

    I think Slocum, as a guard himself, related to guards better, and thus was able to recruit better guards, and his style of pounding the ball inside appealed to good big men. That leaves finding the great small forward as the weak link.

    Yeah, Buckner was writhing in pain last year, but, if you've ever had a knee injury and subsequent surgery, you'd be amazed how well you can come back these days after a successful operation. Coach Reilly is an optimistic guy, perhaps he was overly hopeful of having Buckner back. There has to be some reason he didn't bring in a pure 2-guard until September. He may also have been thinking he'd play Johnson at the 2 if Dexter or Sanders would've worked out at the 3, assuming that Reid and Simmons would handle the post. A lot of what-if's that came apart like a house of cards when injuries and bad attitudes developed.

    Look, I'm not saying Coach Reilly shouldn't bear some responsibility for the weak performance we've seen to date from this recruiting class. I AM saying that, after 2 years of blinding success, perhaps GU fans have become a little too spoiled to recognize the difficult task of bringing in an almost entirely new team and finding 4 new starters in one off-season. Reilly had a lot of luck 2 years ago, and not much at all this year.

    It's a process that is best done a little at a time each year, not all in one season. Since I'm convinced there will be at least a couple more defections before the end of this semester, Reilly should work at keeping those he thinks will work the best in his system (I'm sure he'll know that by the end of the season and I'm even more sure a lot of people who post here will have their own ideas-lol), let the rest go, then find 3 or 4 new players to fill in the holes. With Demski and Scandrett already not coming back, he'll have at least 2 scholarships.

    He needs to stay out of situations where he has to bring in 7-8 or more players each season. That simply does NOT work.

  30. A couple other things. I speculated that Reid left because he wasn't willing to work as hard as the coaches wanted him to, not because of where he was asked to play. As far as Sanders and playing the post, perhaps things changed in Reilly's mind when Simmons got hurt and Furno obviously wasn't physiologically ready for the rigors of D-II post play, and when the coaches asked Sanders to play inside, he decided against it. Maybe he envisioned himself as an NBA guard prospect and didn't really want to go inside and get pounded in there.

    If Reilly was going to leave players "on campus" who weren't going to play, why would Bouldes have traveled just to sit and watch the game in his sweatsuit? Why would Woodbury and Furno have traveled? No, I have a feeling something else is going on with Harris.

  31. Re: ganon74 is right - something else is going on with Harris. He should be in our thoughts and prayers.

  32. I figured something was going on with harris. Beth is right that the team doesn't bring everyone on the road, but rostered players always come unless they have something going on (I.e.- Kyle last year). Which is also why the white kid ( I'm assuming Keim) and the bllack kid who have sat behind the bench in Gannon street clothes will not be on the road.

    Also, in regards to Buck, I know he got hurt and last year they announced he would not be returning as a player due to his second surgery. However, he was at almost every game last year, home and away, and was at the first 7 or so games this year, including at Urbana, on the bench in warmups. But he hasn't been there past few games.

  33. Hey, GUBBFWLR, all I was doing, based on his absence at Clarion, was guessing that he was being disciplined for complaining about his lack of PT, lack of effort in practice, grades, being late for practice/game, or some such thing. You seem to be implying something far worse. If it IS something serious, it doesn't seem right for it to show up here, whether you are just guessing or not.

  34. gannon74 - Not guessing though I'll be more cautious in future posts.

  35. Congrats to Kristina Freeman (PSAC West Player of the Week) and Anthony Simmons (PSAC West Freshman of the Week) for their awards earned for this past week. They are both very deserving of these honors!