Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here come the Knights (almost)

The Knights were certainly impressive in their 84-62 win over Bloomsburg this afternoon, but one game does not make a trend. Gannon is in for a major test Sunday vs. Mansfield. I'm not saying that the Mounties (8-4) are an NCAA contender. Sunday's game is a major self-test for the Golden Ones. Can they put together back-to-back quality performances for the first time this season?

It looked today like ... [[[TWEET!!!]]]. What was that!? Oh, it was just another foul called today by the PSAC crew from the Bloom/Gannon game. A total of 50 personals (plus a ridiculous technical on Coach Reilly) were issued by the most sensitive officiating crew I've seen in a while. Now where was I?

Today the Knights looked like a cohesive unit. They appeared to understand the game plan and each other. Among the pleasant stats produced by the 8-player rotation of Bryant, Swann, Johnson, Demski, Brannen, Scandrett, Piotrowicz, and Crouch:
* 40 points in the first half, 44 in the second
* shooting an even 50% from the field and 77% from the foul line
* a decisive 43-23 margin on the boards, including 17 offensive rebounds
* only 17 turnovers, two below their season average

Now the challenge is ... [[[TWEET!!!]]]. Foul called on Demski for breathing on a Bloom guard. It was a makeup call after a Huskie was called for looking cross-eyed at a Golden Knight. As I was saying ...

The challenge is not just to beat Mansfield but to play well for another 40-minute stretch. Gannon needs to enter PSAC West play with confidence. A 49-47 win would get them back to .500, but it certainly wouldn't be a big confidence booster. This weekend could very well set the tone for the rest of the season.

[[[TWEET!!!]]] What was that for? I've been thrown out for typing too hard!? You guys are unbelievable!


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  2. 1, the first poster is not a poster at all. It's a hacker and the link is a virus. I clicked on the comments to post and my antiware went crazy cuz of the link.

    2. I don't know what was more ridiculous... The refs ghost calls or bloomsburg intentionally fouling the knights with 7+ mins left. Had they not done that they could have kept the score respectable. I figured they'd do it and after Gannon hit a few in a row they'd stop. Nope. They did it for all 7 mins. Not sure what their coach was thinking.

    3. Fact... That was Coach Reillys first technical ad a head coach. Not sure if he ever received one as an asst. coach or player, but I know for a fact he never received one as a head coach before. Can't say I blame him. Glad to see him sticking up for his players when the refs are beyond horrible. My favorite was about 5 mins after he got hit with the T, scandrett was called for his second personal, on another ghost foul. Reilly, without blinking, saying a word or anything, left his seat walked back, quickly, to get a drink of Gatorade and then walked into the locker room. Then walked back out a second later and sat down. Coach Viscuso patted him on the back and just chuckled. That about summed up the way we were all feeling.

    4. Back to the fouls. My two favorite were when the one guy drove in and made the layup and then, well after the ball was thru the net, leaned into Denali and Demski received his fourth personal. The second was when johnsons opponent drove and he stayed with him and then turned away and let him have the wide open layup. After the ball was in the hands of scandrett to be passed in, the ref called Johnson for a foul. Priceless.

    5. Congrats to all the inductees on their invitations to the Gannon Athletics Hall of Fame. Question... Jim when will you be invited? Hall of Fame Announcer and Hall of Fame Blogger/Beat Writer. You have my vote right now!!!!

  3. In point #4, my dumb spell check changed demski to Denali and I didn't catch it. My apologies.

  4. Good to see Gannon's attendance was back in the 1000s today.

  5. As far as the intentional fouling late, don't blame Coach Sanow. I was sitting behind the Bloom bench and he was instructing his players NOT to foul -- just play tight defense.

  6. By far the most complete performance of the year. No way was Coach Reilly going to allow them to lay an egg in front of the guy who gave him his first coaching job and the rest of the '86-87 team. Plus, I was at the game, so my streak continues.

    For some reason, Mansfield played Clarion last night, so hopefully, they'll be a bit tired.

  7. Someone who sat behind the GU bench told me that, to earn his technical, Coach Reilly said "That was a foul". (Note the quote marks-that's exactly what he said, and all he said. I've coached, and I've said a lot more than that and not even gotten a look from a ref, let alone a T. Perhaps those guys were upset that they didn't get to work the Kutztown game or something. They were a joke.

  8. Golden89: Do you need a ride to the game today?

    Gannon74: I saw Reilly call the ref over afterward to find out what he did wrong, and the official pointed that he was outside the coaching box. It looked liked after the explanation, Reilly's response was, "Seriously? Seriously?"

  9. I don't like this right now. Gannons wearing away unis which 1. Are horrible looking and 2. We haven't won a game in yet. Here's to breaking streaks!

  10. coachcorey- yesterday's t was coach's second in history. the first came in the game against e. stroudsburg. both of them were not worth a t.

  11. The technical foul last weekend was not on Coach Reilly, it was on one of the players on the bench.

    There was confusion by Sean Amicucci, radio announcer, on whom the T was on. He said he did not know. The T, however, was on a player. I thought it was on Coach Reilly as well as Sean said that Coach was livid and "all over the referee", however, I spoke with a player and he mentioned that a GU player on the bench had yelled at an obscenity at a player from ESU, and the ref hit the "bench" with a techincal foul. "bench" meaning the referee did not know which individual said it, but knew it was from that bench.

    Plus, honestly, no T's in his entire career... and two in less than a week?? That would be like having 3 players who started and now never get in the game, not poss... Oh wait.. I guess it could happen!