Monday, December 14, 2009

Roster changes today -- 1 pleasant surprise

This just in from Gannon SID Dan Teliski via e-mail:
  • As a FYI … the men’s basketball roster has been revised again. George Johnson has been added back to the men’s basketball roster, as well as football player Jonathon Jones. Both were added to the roster today and the current roster can be found online at As you are already aware, Jarrell Sanders and Issac Reid left the program. Both have been off the roster for awhile. In addition, James Bryant will not be added to the roster until after his classes are done at his junior college. I believe the date is December 21.

As you know from my earlier post, I'm thrilled to see that Johnson is back on the roster. And I'm shocked, to tell you the truth. Kudos to him for coming back to join the cause. Remember, the habits you develop in college determine where you are today.

On that note, how about Jones signing up for what could be a difficult year? He's guaranteed to earn some sore muscles, bumps, bruises, floor burn, and backaches. More importantly, he'll have a tremendous story to tell prospective future employers and his children some day. If there are more roster changes, we'll keep you posted.


  1. Okay, so I'm as excited as the next person that George got his head on straight and has decided to put the jersey back on... HOWEVER, what's to say that he's not going to flake on the team again? Hopefully he's had enough time to cool off and reflect and, like you said Jim, he'll have a great story to tell in the future.

  2. From what I've heard, Johnson's return isn't all that popular a move with ALL his teammates. And yes, I'd say that having him repeat his behavior (there's a lot more improper behavior involved than simply leaving the team, I'm told) is a real possibility that concerns many of those involved.

  3. I agree with you both, but does anyone know his reasons for leaving for sure? Many are saying he left because he was frustrated, some are saying he just flat out quit, and I've heard from several that he had severe family issues to deal with. Regardless, he's back. Let's focus on that... and we all know Coach Reilly wouldn't just "take him back" if he didn't plead his case, earn his spot back, etc.

    It's not like they were 0-5 when he left and now 11-5 making a playoff push. Would a player who quit on the team decided to come back after another blowout to Urbana? (not saying Urbana isn't good, just saying). Maybe, who knows?! But I say we focus on the positive... despite the loss of 3 players (Dotchin, Reid, Sanders) we now have 2 players added (Johnson, Jones).

    Throw in Demski and Simmons eventually... not saying we're going to NCAA Championship, Atlantic Championship, PSAC Championship or even playoffs at all, but it's definitely a good "pick-us up" for the Knights to know you finally have a full roster again, rather than having to play certain people, only to give someone a breather.

    I'm excited to get ready to see Demski, Simmons, Johnson and Jones in action finally and again.

    And, yes, I could see Johnson leaving again... that's his choice. If he does, we know for sure he won't be back because Coach Reilly wouldn't take it a third time and also I know if I left a second time, I wouldn't even be planning on coming back.

    And, yes, many players are not thrilled with this news, because some are under the impression he'll be starting immediately. I don't see this happening unless he earns it in practice, but even at that, I don't see Coach Reilly giving him the starting spot until he's felt he's earned it, if at all this season.

    It's not like we're dealing with Allen Iverson here, just a junior who may have been dealing with some rough patches.

  4. Let's comment on Jim's blog entry.

    You should do an "on this date during the 1989-90 season." This has to be close to the time of that crazy Allegheny game, where the Knights built a 59-26 lead late in the first half, then proceeded to lose the lead. In fact, Allegheny had the ball in the closing minute, up 79-78. Hollan's free throws in the closing minute was the margin in the 80-79 victory.

    I also recall someone, for whatever reason, throwing a shoe from the general admission section onto the court during the second half. It was pretty easy for the cop to locate him. Find the guy wearing just one shoe.

  5. Whoops ... I just read this blog entry ... Good to see George back.

    Hopefully, things can turn around and we'll be looking at this stretch in February and be able to laugh.

  6. Just looked at the roster again (don't ask me why) and Corey Dotchin is no longer on it.

  7. I heard that he expected that he would have gotten more playing time given the depleted roster.

  8. Speaking of 1990, at this pace, Gannon is threatening the 1990 Erie Wave's record of the most roster changes in a season.

    If Gannon signs a guy named "Hubba Bubba" in January, I'll really be concerned. :-)

  9. Yes Corey expected to get more playing time after all the departures. And I know he was very upset when Sweny played first and more in the NKU game and then played a few mins 2nd game vs. Urbana and Dot played 36 secs against NKU and sat bench vs. Urbana. I can somewhat feel for him though. Even last year there were games they were up by 20+ points and he played 20 secs if that. Gotta be hard to deal with.

  10. So here's a poll for everyone... What jersey # do u think Bryant will wear? Haha I'm thinking back to past seasons and I can't think of many more numbers that arent already in use, with the exception of 50's.

  11. Wait nevermind. He'll most likely be 15 since Dot left. Forgot about that.

  12. I hear George is back in the starting line up.