Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New player: Jonathon Jones F 6-5 so.

I heard tonight on Sports Radio 1330 The FAN that Gannon will soon add a player to the active roster. Jonathon Jones, a 6-foot-5 inch sophomore who played wide receiver for the GU football team and practiced with the hoops squad last year, will officially suit up in Gannon's Dec. 19 game vs. Glenville State. Coach Reilly shared that info in an interview with Jim LeCorchick.

Here's all the basketball data I have on Jones:
  • Reilly said he's a hard worker who knows the Gannon system after being in the team's practices last season, so he could see some immediate playing time
  • did not play in the Knights' opening 4 games this year while recovering from football
  • lettered 3 seasons at Rochester (N.Y.) Aquinas HS
  • was a team captain as a senior, leading Aquinas to the sectional championship
  • Click here for his 2009 preseason football bio. On the gridiron this past fall, he started 3 games at WR, totalling 228 yards on 18 receptions. In 11 games, Jones scored 2 TDs and a 2-point conversation for a total of 14 points, an average of 1.3 ppg. Or don't they do it that way in football?
A few other snippets from LeCorchick's interview with Reilly:
  • Point guard James Bryant will be joining the team after the first semester, but don't look for him to play vs. Glenville. Same goes for any other transfers who could join the team for the second semester. They will still need to acclimate to the Gannon scheme. Heck, they won't even know where the cafeteria is at that point. Look for Bryant and any other newcomers -- which Reilly said is "a possibility" -- to get their first real playing time at the Porreco Cup.
  • Reilly said injured Anthony Simmons should be completely healed and make his Golden Knight debut after Christmas. Hey -- I have the same thing on my Christmas list, too! Sing it with me: "All I want for Christmas is a scoring threat, a scoring threat, a scoring threat ..."
  • Give Coach Reilly credit for still going on the radio even when times are tough. And give LeCorchick credit for not piling on; he got good information without being a jerk to a coach whose team is struggling.
Gannon Hoops Cease Fire Plan
Last night I called a cease fire after several posters were arguing back-and-forth about seemingly anything and everything. (I think there was even some name-calling during a debate over Malcom Woodbury's toe.) I'm not the only one who was bothered by all the sniping. Here are excerpts of an email I just received from a Gannon Hoops reader:
  • "Hi Jim: I am a GU alumni and frequent your hoops blog. In addition, I played football at Gannon and lettered all four years. I am very familiar with the traditions within the athletic department, so we share that common bond. I have enjoyed the 'blog' up until the latest edition. I used to let my daughter and son, who are 11 and 8, look at it as a 'modern' tool for communicating sports and sharing thoughts-ideas. We'd discuss the topics and 'fanatics' comments. But I've had to put the 'blog' on hold until things calm down. Keep up the good work and I hope to allow my kids to resume following the 'blog' in the near future."
How's that make you feel? Made me feel terrible. I'd go as far to say I'm embarrassed. One of my guidelines when I published SportsLook Magazine (1993-98) was that a parent would be happy to have their children -- as young as 11 and 8 -- read the magazine. There was no name-calling, no arguing, no offensive sarcasm, no ads for topless bars, no 900 "singles line" numbers, no profanity, etc. I stopped publishing SportsLook over a decade ago and still get comments from sports fans that they cherished the publication for its professional coverage of local sports.

I'm going to start enforcing those SportsLook standards here on Gannon Hoops. We'll analyze the team and have fun, but it will be good, clean fun. If you look at the Dec. 5 post that caused grief for many Gannon Hoops readers (and their kids), you'll see that a slew of comments have been deleted. I even deleted one of my own that may have been inflammatory.

I apologize if this comes across as heavy handed, but Gannon fans and I want this site to be an enjoyable read, and I'll go to great lengths to make sure we accomplish that. Thanks for your understanding, and thanks in advance for your cooperation. Go Knights!


  1. Didn't Jonathan Jones play along side GU standout J.T. Thomas in Chapman's first year?

    I was at the women's game as well. What a juggernaut they are. They made their first eight shots (four of them 3-pointers) and it took them less than 13 minutes to break 40 points as they cruised to a 30-point victory to move to 10-0. Some at the HC tonight were talking about the fact that the women could have more wins in November (nine) as the men will have all season.

    Let's hope that's not the case. It looks like some of the injured players may be coming back and a few more additions will at least make the men's team more competitive and give us something to build on.

    Good call on the cease-fire as well. It was getting a bit out of hand, to say the least.

  2. I'm glad I wasn't crazy when I asked about what happened to
    Jonathan jones haha. I posted that and no one said anything in reply so I started to feel as if I was totally out of it. Glad to see he's joining though. I know last season Coach Reilly held him in very high regards. Also there was Dane Givner, but I don't recall seeing his name on football roster this year either so I'm assuming he left Gannon altogether.

    Can't wait to catch a womens game this season. Watched their games online when in Alaska but anxious to see them in person.

  3. On the ladies... I haven't missed a home game in 2 yrs.
    On the men... I'm begining to have MORE hope for the season. Of course silly me, I go to the "mill" and expect GU to win every game. YES!!

  4. Glad to hear Jonathan Jones will be joining the team. Having practiced last season with the team, and having familiarity with Coach Reilly's system, he should be able to make an impact. Also with some of the guys getting healthy, and the addition of some of the new guys this could be something to build on. Keep the faith Gannon Fans!

  5. Well, Jim, I certainly applaud you and encourage your noble cause of keeping your blog kid-friendly. However, this may be more difficult than you realize. Last year, when you created this blog, everything to do with Gannon basketball was like Shangri-La. The team was winning and winning, and everyone was happy. Even after the season ended with disappointment in Springfield, the warm glow of a 30-4 season pervaded the blog and all was right with the world.

    This year, obviously, is a different story. The team has started out, according to some people, on shaky ground, so much so that one of them chose to attack the players directly. I chose to criticize him for doing so, and things apparently went downhill, in the minds of some, from there. I apologize for my part in that, even though, at the time and even now, I felt I was justified in doing so.

    In my opinion, someone forbidding their young kids to read this blog because of that situation was a bit of an over-reaction. There was no profanity, direct name-calling, or anything of that nature. But, it's his kids and your blog, so do what you feel you must do.

    I will leave all of you reading this with two thoughts. First off, prepare yourself for what COULD happen. For any number of reasons, things MAY not get all that much better for the Knights this season. That can happen to any team or any school. It is far more difficult than you might think to put a highly successful Division II basketball team together. There is a high degree of luck involved, and sometimes things just don't work out. Losing teams bring out the worst in their fans, and IF that indeed does happen to this team, I would suspect that it will become more and more difficult to avoid negativity by those posting here in the future if expectations are too high.

    The second thought is that the people that need everyone's support the most in this situation are the players. I would suggest you give them that support rather than any direct criticism. The last thing we need is to hear at the Audi is booing when a bunch of kids are doing all that they can every day to win.

  6. Gannon 74 -- Losing doesn't seem to bring out the worst in all Division II fans. Take Mercyhurst for example ... They don't have any (except when Gannon invades the MAC).

    The point is that I am still pleased that people care. I will be worried when Gannon fans stop being upset at the prospects of single-digit win season.

    But I agree that we should be positive with the players. Booing the home team has no place at Gannon, Duke, Georgetown, Central Oklahoma, or even Salem International. These are college kids and the scholarship they get doesn't give us the right to boo them. This isn't the pros.

  7. Just heard that another Gannon player has left the team... not a scholarship player, but definitely a person who has been a Gannon favorite during his tenure on the team...

    I guess Corey Dotchin informed staff he is leaving the team. I know he has never played much, but for any of you who sit in the bleachers... last 2 years near end of games all you could hear was people saying or chanting "We Want Dot, Put In Dot" etc.

    Sorry to see him go, and he'll be missed by everyone who knew him.

  8. Disclaimer:
    I have never booed a Gannon team. Being disgusted at times I left games early (FB at Cal-U & at Clarion).
    Gannon 89.
    I beleive fans have a Right to free speach and also if they are not satisfied with the entertainment, for which they paid, then yes they can boo. We often heckle a missed call by a ref. No doubt if the guy next to me booed GU I would eyeball him, but then again maybe his son plays for the opposing team.
    Booing is a fan's right. within normal limits of course.

  9. I disagree regarding the booing. It IS a right of free speech, but Gannon fans should have more class than that. I just don't think that this group of kids, particularly since some of those playing aren't even on scholarship, needs to hear that when they are doing all they can in a situation they have had little control over.

    On other topics, I did hear that Dotchin has left the team. Maybe he didn't want to get booed.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. That would be too bad if Dotchin quit. I have a soft spot in my heart for walk-ons, as you might expect ...

  12. Sorry Jim, didn't think my post was bad?!... or else I wouldn't have posted it.

    He already left though... turned in his equipment Monday (gave a verbal announcement Saturday after the Urbana game).

    I always root for the walk-ons. To be one takes true dedication

  13. I'd assume he won't be taken off until they add Bryant and Jones just for the sake of not having to change it so many times.

  14. Sorry to hear about Dotchin. I talked with him and his parents. I admired them both.
    My last word on the booing.
    I beleive college players are adults (legaly they are). We have 18yr olds protecting us in uniform. I'm sure GU hears boos at out of town games. This isn't a touchy-feely-good 5th grade game. You win you get the rewards, you loose you have to accept that. These young adults will soon enough face the disappointments of real life. Better now when there is support (if needed)than in some period in their life when they have little or no preperation.
    Just my opinion

  15. I was not trying to create a "touchy-feely" 5th grade atmosphere (that's a ridiculous assertion)or debate anyone's constitutional right to boo people of any age. Jim has written a lot recently about being positive. Nothing would be more negative than booing a bunch of D-II basketball players on their home court. 18 years old or not, they aren't getting paid to play. Heck, some of them are PAYING to go to Gannon.

    The message I was trying to get across regarding the booing is two-fold. Let me be more specific.

    First, almost all of these kids are either new to Gannon, new to D-II basketball, walk-ons or some combination of all three. While they are spending a lot of their time and making a titanic effort to improve, there MAY still be rough spots, and, to express a message other than that of support is not going to help at all. In fact, I find it inexcusable at this level of basketball. They are NOT professionals.

    Second, I have always thought that Gannon fans as a whole are knowledgable basketball fans (something I'm not so sure of now). I would think any knowledgable basketball fan not blinded by this team's inability to duplicate the performance that GU fans became accustomed to ( maybe spoiled by is a better phrase) in the last 2 years would have more class than to boo a team that is, with only an exception or two, entirely new this season, and is giving a very high level of effort. I would like to think we're better than that. Perhaps I'm wrong.

  16. I don't know where I stand with the boo-ing debate. On one hand I definitely agree that booing is not encouraging and is disrespectful. They are not professionals. On the other hand, however, by coming to a college they are putting themselves in the spotlight. Obviously, it's not as big of stage as say Duke, UNC, etc. But still they are open to scrutiny and they know that going into the agreement. Let's say this is last year and the team we had is just absolutely putting on a horrible display. Let's say they were playing Urbana and going into a timeout they're down by 20+ points, last year. Do Gannon fans who have paid their money not have the right to show their disgust with the performance? That's why I'm a little torn on this issue. To set it straight though, I, myself, have never booed Gannon.

    I do recall two instances that Gannon fans booed, and not an oppnent. First that comes to mind is back when slocum was still coaching. I do not remember the opponet but going into a timeout, Gannon was down by double digits and playing just awful. The fans booed the team coming out of the locker room at halftime and booed even louder going into this timeout. Gannon ended up losing, but managed to make it to OT and lose at the buzzer.

    The second one, which isn't a team issue, but involved a Gannon player is when Gannon was crushing someone and Mosley went up for a wide open dunk and rimmed it. It was like his 4th missed dunk of the night. Everyone booed him. And then Coach Reilly coincidentally yanked him, allowing the boos to soak in as he walked from the opposite end of the court to the bench.