Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Can you say 'winning streak'?

After Gannon opened the season with shellackings by Urbana and Lake Erie (at home no less), did you think they'd form a winning streak any time soon? I remember fielding a variety of questions after the Lake Erie game that included the same theme: "Do you think Gannon could go winless this season?" My answer was no, but I can recall walking to the Peach Street parking garage thinking a single-digit season in the win column was likely. And it doesn't help to look at the PSAC standings in December and see your team looking up at Lock Haven.

The reason for the turnaround is simple; the Knights are finally scoring more than the point-a-minute pace they were on through the first three games of the season. What a difference having an outside shooter (George Johnson) on the floor makes. It opens up driving lanes, passing lanes to the post, and room for Travis Brannen to operate underneath. Oh, plus Johnson's scoring 27 ppg himself. I'm TGIP: Thankful George Is Playing.

More from the Daemen game:
-- I don't have details, but rumors were swirling around the Hammermill Center that a former Division I swingman from Ohio could be joining the Knights for the second semester. I guess we'll find out at the Porreco Cup ...

-- James Bryant had to feel confident he could help the Knights after watching them commit 28 turnovers against the Warriors. If Bryant is a drive-to-score point guard (vs. a drive-to-pass point) and has range, the Knights will improve by another giant notch when Bryant's in the lineup. I know this quote is old -- it's from 2003 -- but here's how Bryant's high school coach described him: "Combo guard. Has the court vision, ball handling and quickness to play the point but he also has the range and ability to score off the dribble to play the off guard." If that's accurate, I consider it John Reilly's Christmas gift to all of us. Thanks, coach!

-- The Christmas spirit was not sweeping through the Hammermill Center Tuesday night. The referees were booed frequently by the Knight faithful, and when the GU fans were quiet, Daemen coach Don Silveri was giving everyone an earful. When a Gannon fan said to Silveri, "Quit your crying, coach!", Silveri turned to him and said two words ... and they weren't, "Merry Christmas." Moments later, when Wildcat guard Jorge Eubanks fouled out of the game, he left the court saying loudly, "That's f---ing ridiculous", "I don't f---ing believe it", and when he wasn't feeling loquacious, just plain and simple, "f---." I wonder where he gets his manners from? I can tell you that Coaches Chapman, Dukiet, Slocum, and Reilly would never use language like that directed towards a fan or tolerate their players behaving in the same manner.

-- Looking ahead, if Anthony Simmons gets healthy, the DI transfer comes in, and those guys plus Bryant are legit, Gannon would have a regular rotation of: Bryant, Johnson, and mystery DI kid at the guards with Brannen, Simmons, Demski, and Scandrett inside. One of Bouldes, Piotrowicz, or Batts would be the backup point with Crouch, Dexter, and/or Harris playing guard or small forward. Then again, if none of those new guys are legit (maybe Anthony Simmons will turn out to be more like Richard Simmons), at least the Knights have established themselves as a competitive Division II basketball team. Three weeks ago, that wasn't the case.


  1. Comments regarding last night's game:

    Golden89: An ugly win is better than a pretty loss. 28 turnovers is ugly. And the Daemen coach had one of the better lines of the year after his player was called for traveling in the closing seconds. He got out a piece of paper (presumably a check) and said, "This guarantee check isn't enough!" Hilarious.

    CoachCorey: Few questions after seeing box score ... 1. Demski played 36 mins, how'd he look, act, etc? 2. Scandrett wasn't in foul trouble yet played 11 mins. Demski play that well? Scandrett play that bad?! A combined 70 minutes playing in your first two games back from a severe injury is quite a bit!! 3. I see Bouldes didn't play that much and Batts-Steve played 14-15 mins respectively. Which handed the ball the most when Bouldes was out? Did anyone besides these 3 have significant ball control time?! Good win for the boys though! Good to see Johnson back with a fire; can't wait for the Cup so I can actually see him play again!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

    Gannon74: Regarding the Daemen's coach's complaints, I didn't hear him complaining with 4 minutes left when, despite both teams playing a very similar defensive style (very physical), the team fouls were 15 for Gannon and 5 or 6 for his team. Daemen was in the bonus with 12 minutes left in the half, Gannon never got there until Daemen started fouling to extend the game. Sorry, Coach (by the way, you WERE playing a road game). Gannon had a lot more to complain about than one call. The refs were bad, but they were bad both ways. Merry Christmas.

  2. Regarding the rumor mill - any hear that Jones (the football player) did not make grades?

  3. The mystery d1 kid... Could that be the kid that was rumores before to be coming to Gannon? I think it was on here that people were talking about it. There were two players, from Cleveland State maybe?!... rumored to be coming here and the one stayed at the school as he was on the roster this season and the other did not return. I also spoke to someone about the player and they said "as far as we know, last thing we hears he transferred to Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania.". Same guy maybe?!

    Merry Christmas all. C U @ the Cup!!

  4. A big CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Reilly on being named Sportsman of the Year. He definitely deserves it, and the team were definitely his sportsmen!!

  5. As of now (Monday evening), there haven't been any changes to the Gannon roster. Jones still there, no Bryant, no DI transfer from Ohio.

    I'll keep checking every 5 minutes. Or maybe I should just wait to see who's warming up Tuesday night vs. Seton Hill.

  6. I heard someone say that they didn't think Braynt was eligible to play until Gannon's Spring semester is in session (January 11), however, everything else has said that as soon as HIS semester was over he was eligible (December 21). It is just the weekend after Xmas, so maybe they just havent updated roster yet.

  7. My understanding is the player from the Cleveland area is from John Carroll and is originally from McDowell and his last name is Kiem.

  8. My understanding is that Keim will NOT be playing this year, but HAS transferred to GU. He is NOT the transfer that has been rumored to be playing here soon. Still waiting on news about that other player, but I have heard that he is here and practicing with the team. Stay tuned.

    Jim's comment about seeing who comes out to warm up on Tuesday night is probably the best advice at this point.

  9. is the d1 kid supposed to be that Daitwan Eppinger that we talked about was supposed to be transferring to Gannon this year?! I forget the site, but on a Cleveland State blog site it had said Eppinger left after last year and he was expected to transfer to Gannon University. I'm pretty sure we talked about it on here. And the Tim Kamczyk was supposed to transfer as well, but he stayed at Cleveland State. I think it was Jim who quoted Dan as saying "As of right now, Kamczyk and Eppinger are not a part of the Men's Basketball team at Gannon University"...

    Could this be our mystery d1 kid?! He's a swing man, naturally a guard though.

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  12. Sources say:

    1. Jones is good, the rumor that he didn't make grades was just another wrong rumor.
    2. Simmons is practicing.
    3. Woodbury is practicing
    4. Byrant is practicing
    5. John Carroll kid isn't practicing but has transferred
    6. The D1 kid is Larry Swann. Graduated from Brookhaven High school in Columbus, Ohio in 2006. Two from Columbus, must be a new recruiting source. Transferred from a cc to Montanna State in 08 and redshirted the 08-09 season. Seems odd for him to redshirt being a transfer. One article states he was suspended indefinitely from the team on 11/3/09 for violation of MS conduct policy. Must not be too serious for Reilly to sign him ... Reilly would not sign a trouble maker. Swann in known for his shooting ability. (6-1, 180lbs)
    So the two new players, Byrant and Swann have not played a game in a year to a year and a half rspectively.
    7. Someone mentioned that Furno and Sweeney could go back to RS status but the NCAA rules state that any participation in a competive game, be it one second, counts as a year of eligiblity.
    Facilities will have to put out more chairs ... I count 17 players

  13. Gannon SID Teliski confirms Larry Swann is the transfer and that he and Bryant will be in uniform tonight. Dan just sent me an email that the roster has been updated and includes bio information on them. For details, go to

  14. Furno and Sweny can still redshirt. You can redshirt through the first 9 games of the season as long as the player has played less than 20% of the mins of the total games played in the season at that point. Both have not played past the max, so they could redshirt still.

    Woodbury has been practicing for the past 3 weeks and has been active since the glenville state game. He just hasn't played nor is he expected to play that much.

  15. Also I agree it seems odd for a transfer to redshirt, but Pace was a transfer and redshirted last year.

  16. So with 6:42 left and it being 16-18, I have a few questions...

    1. What did Bouldes do so wrong that he played 4 mins was taken out and never put back in?
    2. Why is George on the bench at all?
    3. Why is Harris in the game for so long? Are we trying to win a game or build someones confidence?

  17. So I'm really hoping to come on here or read in the paper tomorrow that Bouldes has 2 broken legs and is the reason he's not playing... This is becoming hard to watch. :(

  18. I wasn't there ... what happened in the second half? It looked like it was another turnover-fest on both ends.

    I also would like to point out that Gannon is 3-0 with me in attendance and 0-4 without me in the building.

    For those of you looking to place a wager on tomorrow's consolation contest, I do expect to be in attendance. :-)

  19. Thoughts from tonights game:
    1) To coachcorey: I get your point in your comment about Bouldes, but man, couldn't you think of a better way to say it than having his legs broken?
    But I have certainly been perplexed as to Coach's use of Bouldes. My only thought is that they are keeping his minutes low so that he can be redshirted once Bryant is ready to play full-time.
    2) Pointguards: Don't they say in football that if you have 2 quarterbacks that means you don't have 1? Well for GU, when you have 4 point guards, that means that you don't have one. (or if you have 17 players that means you dont have 5 for that matter).
    Ill give Batts credit for playing aggressive, but by no means should he be the first player off of the bench. The running back of the football teams should not be quarterbacking the basketball team.
    3) Gannon had 16 field goals and 27 turnovers. Enough said.
    4) Chris Giles looked an awful lot like Stephen Dennis from Kutztown, very impressive. Now lets get one of the 17 Golden Knights to play like him.
    5) I know that Woodbury has been hurt, but why give Jones a shot to play in front of him?
    6) The Knights have no ability right now to catch and shoot the basketball. Noone even looks to do it, and the few times it happens they miss. Which leads to number 7...
    7) They look to pass it way way too often. Their first instinct is to pass and not even think about the shot. Yes, that worked last season when you had a group of extremely talented guys playing in a cohesive unit. Of course working the ball is important, but I get the sense that they just pass for the sake of passing. That leads to 27 turnovers.
    I wont name the players involved, but tonight one player drove the lane for a fairly wide open layup. He successfully made it, but you could see him looking to the big man inside who was 2 feet from him, hoping that he could hand it off to that guy. Please, just take it to the hole yourself.
    8) Quantity obviously doesn't always mean quality. Gannon had 17 guys dressed tonight. Seton Hill had 8. Less than half. I know that Coach is really struggling to find a cohesive unit with all the guys in and out of the program. But how can he keep throwing new guys in the pot and expect that team to gel? At what point does he just get the guys that he has to at least play competitive basketball? At what point are guys going to just get frustrated about lack of playing time, causing more internal strife? I'm hoping that this Swann guy is good, but man how many more chairs can be put on that bench?
    9) Im cheering for Piotrowicz, and I really hope his shots start falling soon.
    10) I don't like having to adjust my eating schedule to accomodate a 6'o clock Porreco Cup game. Please, lets not have to sit through another game like that tomorrow.

  20. Jim sorry about the Bouldes reference... I was very frustrated haha but I think I made my point, and when he played the last 4 mins of the game his legs were clearly not broken. Although he did keep stretching his left ankle, maybe problems with that?!....

    From what I've heard, and this is from Malcolm, Coach has told him not to expect much playing time if any. Not sure why though. Seen the kid practice, he's as good as the rest.

    About jones, I won't bring up the incident, but I think his one play kind of showed he need not be a first sub.

    Didn't like steve in the beginning, love steve right now!!! I know he didn't make any baskets, I don't think he had any, BUT he's got a pretty shot and not afraid to take it. I thought he just needed to step back a bit and shoot. Everything was dead on, just a little too hard!! In terms of point guard, my #1 is still Bouldes. He's proven he can score and he's a good ball handler and passer. Next I like steve because he's not afraid to shoot and I like his defensive work ethic. Bryant obviously didn't show much in only 7 mins, but he had two nice drives that I'd love to see more of. Batts...well, I don't know. He can't and won't shoot, passes too hard 5 feet away and too easy 35 feet away and makes too many errant passes. Agrees he's aggressive and gives 300%, but that is not going to help this team.

    Disappointed crouch didn't play more... Dexter wasn't all that impressive in playing. Some decent drives but nothing else really.

    Thing I did like was Coach Reilly in the post game talk taking responsibility for some bad substitutions. There were a few times I said WHAT?! Seriously?!!!!

    He addressed those times and said he was at fault. Win or lose he is classy and a great coach. Won't blame anyone or put it on the team when it's not all them. Love that about him!!!

  21. And I'm in agreement about the 6 games throwing off schedule. However I've wanted to see the girls play and tomorrow with 3 and 6 games will make it easier so I don't have to watch a game with two teams i could carless about in between. A 3-10 stay at the Mill would not be too fun, especially if the outcome is similar to tonight.

  22. Oh and just realized that post wasn't by Jim haha my bust... My first post was addressed to Jeremy not Jim!