Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Steve Moyer fan? Your girlfriend loves him, too

When we last saw Steve Moyer, he was raining three-pointers on the Gannon opposition. Here are a few links that show what he's doing now:
The guy's obviously done a few sit-ups in the 10 years since he played at Gannon! Wait -- has it actually been a decade since he suited up for the Knights?

Indeed. When Moyer played at GU (1994-99), everyone I talked with said they'd never seen a player with Moyer's range. I agreed, but I thought maybe I hadn't been looking that hard. But in the past 10 years, I still haven't seen a player -- on any level -- match Moyer's long-range consistency. Sure, some guys have hit long desperation shots, but have you seen anyone in college or even the NBA shoot it from deep like Moyer?

Also unmatched was Moyer's senior day performance against Wayne State. I don't recall his final stats, but in the first half he nailed 6 three-pointers in just 8 possessions. The final one was a doozy. The crowd was buzzing because of Moyer's recent 5 threes and elevated its pitch when Moyer began his dribble near midcourt after a screen. On the play, a Wayne State forward (about 6-foot-6) switched and was guarding Moyer. About 35 feet from the basket, Moyer faked a dribble toward the basket, and his taller defender took one (fateful) step back. Moyer collected himself and launched a missle that swished through the hoop. Moyer certainly was (and still is) one-of-a-kind.


  1. I can't believe that you didn't bring up the three-pointer at Edinboro from just ahead of the tip of the Fighting Scot's logo sword.

    While GU was nursing a slim lead, Moyer was dribbling up the court on about a two-on-two midway through the second half when he launched a 35-40 footer from the afformentioned sword tip. The ball swished through and it brought the house down. Demoralized, Edinboro folded quickly and the game was pretty much over. I still think that it was one of the best, if not THE best, non-last minute shot that I've seen in a GU game.

    Quite an amazing player ... and having a successful post-basketball career.

    And don't let your kids click the Model Mayhem site.

  2. Was the Wayne State game the game he drained 11 3's total?! And he ended with like 48 points or something?

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