Sunday, November 8, 2009

Somewhere Len Rauch is smiling

Did you see this headline last week?: "Le Moyne upsets Syracuse in exhibition."
I love that the Dolphins' athletic department is taking full advantage of this. Since the day after the upset, Le Moyne has been selling T-shirts commemorating the victory.

I was disappointed the Knights didn't have any DI exhibitions this year. Last year's 8-point loss at Dayton gave fans confidence that Gannon was for real. DI exhibitions are the only time of year when it can be encouraging to lose a game. Then again, sometimes the exhibitions can shatter your confidence. Clarion was shellacked at Kentucky last week, 117-52. On the bright side, they got to play in front of nearly 24,000 fans. Then again, maybe you want to keep a 65-point loss more private.

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  1. I think nothing but a positive can come from a D1 Exhibition game... Dayton by no means is a "premier" D1 school, however, when Gannon was able to contend the entire game (until the end) it showed us that they were definitely a "for real" team if they played that way all season. Yah, Clarion lost to Kentucky by 65 points.. But it's Kentucky!! If you told me Clarion was playing Kentucky AT KENTUCKY, I'd say they'd lose by 100+ points. I was surprise to see they actually scored 52 points. I would love to see Gannon play D1 schools regularly for Exhibition games. Could you imagine a D2 school playing at a D1 power? Duke, UNC, Michigan State, UCONN, USC, LSU, Georgetown, Florida, etc. Even if you lose by 200 points, that's probably the only time any of those players will get the opportunity to play in some of the prestigious arenas in the country and against some of the best future professional players in the world!

    I'm sure on the way home from Kentucky the Clarion players were thinking "I can't believe we lost by 65 points...", but I guarantee you this thought was slightly louder.. "I just played at Rupp Arena"