Thursday, November 26, 2009

One and done?

I don't know what your family talks about over Thanksgiving dinner and pumpkin pie, but mine talks Gannon hoops. The question we were asking each other (and will get more info on Friday night at the Gary Miller Classic) is, "Is Isaac Reid's Gannon career over after just one game?"

Here's why we ask. My brother heard from a friend of a friend close to the Gannon program that Reid is no longer a member of the Gannon team. So I looked online at the Gannon roster just a moment ago, and guess what? No Isaac Reid. (Side note: Also, no Jerrell Sanders on the roster either, confirming what Coach Reilly said on 1330 AM The Fan earlier in the week. Thanks to JRD for the heads up on that info.)

Not sure what the deal is with Reid, but as we first reported in this blog post in early August, Reid left the Loyola (Md.) basketball team before the season ended last year. For more details/speculation on why he left that team, click here and then do a page search for "Reid."


  1. So I read those comments after doing the page search. And I quadruple-checked the roster. Reid is one of our major resources on the bench. I think anyone who says we'll be okay without him has lost his mind. I'm very tempted to facebook message him, as a friend, and ask what the deal is. I'm in class with the kid and have hung out with him. Unless Riley is getting nitpicky over his actions (in which case, the majority of the team should be gone) or there is something that I'm oblivious to, I don't get it. He's a pretty good kid & really smart.

  2. My view is that we lost by 30 WITH him, so he obviously wasn't a huge factor. But he was the one guy that really showed me a spark and looked like he could be real good down the road.

    I've spoke to a few friends from Gannon and rumor is he was not happy coming off the bench or with his playing time. Again, this is just a rumor and could be something some Gannon Freshman just made up when they learned about the situation. But, to go with that rumor, if anyone noticed everytime he got called out of the game, he never shook hands with the person subbing in for him, he wouldn't acknowledge anyone on the bench... he would just sit there and sulk on the bench. The one time he even took the water bottle that Coach Reilly's daughter had just handed him and slammed in under his chair (he then used a towel to clean it up).

    So, honestly, who knows why Reid and Sanders are gone from the program. Personal Issues? Attitude Problems? "Not Fitting In"? There are a number of possibilities, but the only way I look at it is if they both are not "Gannon material" (which I'm not saying is the case, just speculating), then it's better they are gone now then leave the program in January. This way Gannon can build a team chemistry with the players that remain and move on from here.

  3. Down by 20 to Lake Erie College? Not sure how this will turn out ...

    I'm waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out to tell us that we've all been Punk'd. We'll all have a good laugh, the real players will come back out and we'll win again.

  4. Well, at least we made a comeback! 12 points with 1:38 left is better than 25 points with a minute left like last week!!!

    Tomorrow is going to be a hard one to watch though, it looks like :(

    We're showing signs though... Def like what Brannen and Dexter did! Harris was aggressive, Crouch shot the ball (which even though he didn't make any is still better than NOT shooting!! you can't score if you don't shoot), and Bouldes appeared to be quite relaxed for a freshman! All-around not a bad game, not great.. but I'll take it over last week!

    Also, I have to laugh at the comment LeCorchek just made... "I really don't like Scandrett as a starter... he was much more aggressive coming off the bench last year. You knew he wasn't going to score big, but you could expect great hustle and defense". Jim, buddy, pal... Yes, it was nice to see him coming off the bench. But that would then mean there was someone better than him starting (i.e.- Goldcamp, Stosh, Wilson, etc). Who exactly would you pick to start over him this season?

    I think he's doing just fine as a starter... actually exceeding my expectations for him, by far!

  5. OK, anyone know why Geo Johnson left the team?
    I've heard two theories so I won't comment on either.

  6. GJ quit?! WHAT?!!??!! I heard he was back home in Virginia dealing with "family issues" (but I heard that someone in his family passed away and that's why he's home). Plus in the post-game show with Coach Reilly all he said was "I don't know much about the situation as George had to leave fairly quickly to deal with family issues, but from what I do know I wish him and his family the best in their time of need". He came right out and said "Reid and Sanders are gone". Wouldn't he have said "Raid, Sanders, and Johnson are gone."? Plus he is still on the roster.

    My question is what's up with Batts and some of the others?! In the post-game show LeCorchak asked Coach Reilly "Batts was your starting point guard last week and wasn't suited up this week" and then he paused and continued on saying "by the shaking of your head I can tell you can't comment on it?!" and Coach Reily replied "Batts and others are dealing with issues, whether it's injuries or other matters and unfortunately there's a bunch of guys not dressed". Something's up there... discipline actions maybe?!

    Also, I would like to comment on this because it is really starting to irk me... I am TIRED of hearing people say about Batts "Why (the *expletive*) is a walk-on football midget starting at point guard.. is he seriously the best we have?!" Ok, 1) I agree... Totally shocked (and somewhat disappointed) to see him start the first game 2) Steve didn't impress me any more than Ty the first game off the bench 3) Bouldes did well today, but didn't play first game and Coach Reilly obviously had his reasons for that. 4) HE CAME TO GANNON AS A BASKETBALL PLAYER, NOT A FOOTBALL PLAYER!!! He DID NOT play football at his JUCO, HE PLAYED BASKETBALL! He walked on as a BASKETBALL PLAYER, not a football player! He hasn't play football since his junior year of high school (played limited his senior year due to injuries). So I think the question should be "Why is a walk-on basketball player who hasn't played football in 4+ years our second leading rusher on the football team?" That's one heck of a feat, if you ask me!

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  8. Yah I know I had to take a few breaths after i posted that haha It just bugs me when people start to pick on walk-ons... I don't think many understand how much harder things are on walk-ons and how important walk-ons (and others who may not play as much) are to the team itself. And then everyone always titles Batts as "the football kid" when this was the first year he's played basketball in like 4 years or something. People just need to get their facts straight before they start trying to chop a person down.

    But yes, I heard that mentioned as well that Batts was out with a knee problem. But then in the post game show it was a WHOLE different "feel" when talking about Batts and the others who were not playing.

    Also, I was just talking to a friend and they said that Simmons is temporarily sidelined with a foot injury. This contradicts earlier reports that Simmons was redshirting this year. But then again, Furno was listed as a redshirt and that's obviously not the case right now, so who knows.

    Just a girl, thats probably the best statement anyone can use right now about this season thus far and where it could be going... Who Knows?!

  9. just did a real quick search through the student directory at GU

    Sanders, Jerrell is no longer listed as a student
    Reid, Isaac is still currently enrolled
    Johnson, George William is still currently enrolled

  10. i bite my tongue... Apparently Johnson did quit :(

  11. Speaking of walk ons, My hat off to Corey Dotchin. Talked to him last yr. He seems to be a low key person and just goes about his work. He will always have the memory of being a PSAC champion the ELIE EIGHT. What many have sought but few have attained.

  12. Yah, Dot was thinking about not playing this year due to frustration with playing time. But i give him credit for sticking with it. Like I said it's hard for walkons. Others are essentially being paid to be there, free schooling etc. Walkons are paying to be there, they are missing class on their own time. Hate to say it but for most student-athletes the athletics come first and it's a need, for walkons the athletics are a want.

  13. Leaving out names, I have a friend who lives with one of the new players. He called the player and asked what was up- all we got was that George and Isaac quit for no official reason.

    I also agree- hats off to Corey. He is a hardworker, both on the court and in the classroom- its nice to see him getting recognition from the fanbase.

  14. Since CoachCorey has set the rules about who you can criticize (critcizing scholarship players is OK, walk-ons, not so much), here's a list of who's who (as I understand it)among the active players on the GU team at this point:

    Scholarship players: Brannen, Scandrett, Dexter, Bouldes, Harris, Furno, Crouch.

    Walk-ons: Sweny, Piotrowicz, Dotchin

    Injured scholarship players: Demski, Simmons, Woodbury

    Injured walk-ons: Batts

    Notice a pattern in playing time in the Lake Erie game?

    Certainly has to be the most bizarre, detrimental goings-on in a single week of Gannon men's basketball that I can remember.

    I will close with a quote from Norman Dale, the fictional coach in the movie "Hoosiers", "I would hope that you focus on who we are, not who we are not." We can all learn something from that.

    Let's hope that the improvement we saw in the second half vs. Lake Erie continues at an exponential rate.

  15. Thank you, Gannon74, for totally twisting my words around. I did not say anything about not criticizing walk-ons or only making comments about scholarship players... if you read other posts I criticized Piotrowicz that he didn't perform any better than Batts did. My problem was that people kept referring to Batts as a "football player". Whereas he played basketball his senior year of high school, two years at JUCO, and came to Gannon as a basketball player (regardless of walk-on or scholarship). He played football this year because he was not planning on playing basketball and he wanted to play a sport. That was the point I was making was that he is not a football player, he is a basketball player... regardless of status or skill.

    Also, Batts is out with a torn meniscus. He tore it against Bloomsburg in the football finale and was not supposed to do anything for a while. He played in the first game because Bouldes was not permitted to play (for whatever reason) and because you have two walk-ons of equal ability, so the senior won it. Batts will be out for a while now though.

    Simmons is out with a foot injury, however, he is EXPECTED to redshirt. Although so was Sweny... so we'll see about that.

    Malcolm has a knee problem, not sure of the extent just know it's his knee.

    And then we all know that Demski is out with back problems. Hoping for a return by mid-January (or earlier), but back injuries are tough to deal with so I'm hoping he comes back and does well in his last year, but not expecting much.