Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gannon loses to Urbana. At home. By 30.

I'll have more to say on the game later, but I wanted to ask this question now: Before Saturday's game, if someone approached you and said Urbana was giving 25 points to Gannon, how much money would you have bet?


  1. MAYBE a dollar...what an awful game that was!!!

  2. I couldn't attend the game because I was at a wedding.

    I got back an hour ago and checked the site for the game score? A 30-point loss???? To quote Jerry Slocum, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"

    What happened? I'm sure I'll hear more. Hopefully, it's just first-game jitters, but yeesh.

  3. Just looked at the stats. Perhaps the fact that Tyler Batts and Preston Harris were starting says something. Were some players suspended or something? If not, that's kinda troubling.

  4. Harris played fine. His outside shot was off but he drove to the basket and did well. Batts starting definitely shocked me but piotrowicz didn't impress
    me anymore than batts. Scandrett and johnson played their butts off, only 2 that did anything. Furno?! Horrible. He can't catch a ball passed right to his hands. Everything about him reminds me of Brandon altsman, who lasted what? 10 games?

    Off the bench..

    Reid was the only one that looked decent and that's not saying much. He has mosley written all over him, but subtract about 16 points a game. I def think he could come around though.

    Dexter was next impressive but nothing breath taking. Has a decent shot but very inconsistent. Brannen did no better than furno inside. He has more weight-muscle but skill is lacking right now. Bouldes didn't play but from what I've heard from people he's not going to see much time because he's not at the level of the others. That's depressing. Dotchin didn't play which was upsetting since we were down by 20 most of the 2nd half.

    I know simmons is redshirting, Demski is rehabbing, buck is just a spectator, but what's up with Woodbury, crouch, sanders?! Are they all redshirting? Hurt? Any idea Jim?

    On a positive note... One of the better officiated games we've had in a long time!! Fair calls both ways. Obviously some debatable but overall good. And Urbana was a very good team. Even with people in their face they were draining 3's. Great team play all around. They did beat glenville state by 15 or
    so and they're now 3-1.

    We've been through this before and it led us to last year so we need to stay positive and hope and believe. I have faith in Reilly and Gannon. But
    if it doesn't turn around I'm hoping for a 2 win season at least. Both wins vs. Mercyhurst haha :)

    1. Wrong on Furno since he lasted four years.

  5. Well, obviously, a lot had gone wrong well before the game started. Players have been and continue to be hurt, have had trouble getting a chemistry together, are perhaps disgruntled. This can happen when you bring in so many new untested players at once. The point guard position, since it is being held for a player that is said to be a ridiculously good, was manned by 2 walk-ons, since it's unusual to have 2 really good scholarship points.

    Of the nine players who played, 5 were playing their first game in a GU uniform, and only 2 who started had ever started before, and one of those was on a limited basis.

    They lost 6 of their top seven leading scorers from last year. In their first game, they had a fairly pronounced height disadvantage against a team of highly talented offensive players playing their 4th game already.

    Certainly, things could have been done better. Perhaps a scrimmage open to the public would have diluted the "first game" effect. Perhaps the character and work ethic of players recruited didn't turn out be quite what the coaches expected. Perhaps an offense that doesn't rely so much on the post game (since we no longer have the dominant post player that we had last year) would better serve the strengths of this team.

    I don't happen to agree with what others have written regarding player performance. I'm not going to mention individuals by name, particularly walk-ons that are doing what they can, but I didn't think anyone played the way they could. I thought most everyone was bad in most phases of the game, even the guys "coach corey" felt performed with some promise. Too many missed layups, too many bad shots, too many turnovers, not enough good inside-out passing. Nearly every ball thrown into the post either resulted in a turnover or a bad shot.

    At this point, to use a cliche, it is what it is. This is the team that has been assembled. Spewing a lot of negatives just because our expectations were so high after last year's team, isn't going to work. Let's give them some time and see what happens.

  6. It appears that batts is a scholarship player?! Maybe just from football or something, but in the media guide it lists nothing about him being a walkon this year. Dot it says is a junior walk on who walked on as a freshman and sweny it says he's a walkon, but batts it didn't day anything about still being a walkon. I don't know, but I do he was only added to the roster last week and I heard hr wasn't playing before that. So to practice for a week and then start...?

  7. Woodbury is rehabbing an injured foot. His left foot was in a cast shoe. I'm a current GU studen & have taken several classes with him. He's been hurt for a few weeks now and it is KILLING him not to play.