Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IUP's Brooks Dismissed From Squad

I try to be lighthearted on Gannon Hoops, but this headline from the Indiana (Pa.) Gazette is the exact opposite: "IUP basketball star accused of raping woman." The article refers to accusations against Gerald Brooks, a three-year starter at IUP, all-PSAC last year, and preseason All-American this year.

The article goes on to say that this isn't the first time Brooks has gotten into legal trouble this year: "IUP basketball coach Joe Lombardi said Brooks was suspended from the team in August for the fall semester due to a series of minor transgressions and now has been dismissed from the team for good. 'Gerald Brooks has not been on the active roster this fall semester,' Lombardi said. 'He had been suspended from the program in August and remained in school to finish his degree. Any comment regarding the legal matter at hand has to come through the appropriate authorities.'"

You can read the full article here: www.indianagazette.com/articles/2009/09/29/news/10024688.txt


  1. so I try to stand by the "innocent until proven guilty" law, but after reading the full article (which is a must read for all.. disgusting!) I have to lean towards the guilty side. He's accused of raping a woman who knew him only as "G". Ok, a little shady... I'm sure there are other males who may go by the name "G" as an abbreviation for their full name. Innocent so far. There was a man in the room with them when this incident occurred, yet the article lists nothing about this man's side of the story. Okay, non-sufficient evidence (the man could've been on "her" side and cooberated her story or been on "his" side and stood by his story). Still innocent. Then I read the latter part, about the tow truck incident where he is accused of hitting a FEMALE two truck employee with a dolly that they were using to two his car (which was illegally parked... so he is guilty of not obeying street signs). Now the witness there says they never saw the dolly hit her, but did see him grab the dollies. This is now 2 incidents in which he was involved with abusing a female, and in both situations there was a witness... one who we don't know said anything and the other said they say nothing. My verdict: Guilty as charged. Strike 1. Strike 2. You need know Strike 3, you're out!

    However, he could be found innocent on all charges and walk away unblemished, and then the actual law will kick in for him... this being the law that everyone follows whether they realize it or not.. "guilty even after found innocent"

  2. wow, and I plead the 5th on my typing, spelling, grammar checking, etc.

    two = tow
    You need know Strike 3 = You need NO strike 3
    said they say nothing = said they saw nothing
    says = said

    and in the part "this is now 2 incidents" there should be an "accused" in there since he's not gone to court for these charges yet.

  3. Seems to me one of those "hey do you know who I am"
    charachters to me. If guilty he should loose his scholy money, be thrown out of school, banned from all college teams for 4yrs after he gets out of his 20yr no parole prison sentence

  4. As Lee Corso says, "Not so fast my friends!" Be careful about concluding/passing judgment based on one news article, let alone one from the Indiana Gazette. If you would have read a Duane Rankin article on John Reilly a couple years ago, you could have concluded that Riles was a lousy coach who disliked his players. I just wanted to let everyone know that Brooks isn't on the IUP team and could be in some big trouble.

    Please don't be so quick to judge -- you can really get burned by that. I know I have.

  5. I think the Indiana Gazette is more credible than Duane Rankin...

  6. The "IF" is mighty large in my response.
    At any rate I'm thankful we won't have to face him on the court. As I recall he was one of there guns and did some damage to the Knoghts last yr.

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  8. If the result is the same as the '08-'09 season, I'll be happy.

  9. Shame to hear about Demski, I figured him to be a decent factor with this being his final season. :(

    Any word on what the injury is?! Strange that it just says "Demski found out shortly before preseason camp that he will no longer be able to play due to a career-ending injury". Anyone know? Sounds like its something personal if it's hush-hush like this?

    Regardless, sorry to hear about your unfortunate event Mark! Best wishes to Mark Demski in his future engagements and LET'S GO KNIGHTS!