Monday, October 12, 2009

I Kinda Planned On Watching Them Anyway

Division II Bulletin agrees with all of us: Gannon is a team worth watching this season. The Golden Knights are listed among "Others To Watch" in the 2009-10 Division II Bulletin preseason poll. The publication lists a Top 25 and then 15 "Others" in alphabetical order. I've placed asterisks by PSAC and Atlantic Region notables and a frown next to the school coached by Herb Magee.

Top 25: 1. BYU-Hawaii, 2. Findlay, 3. Southwest Baptist, 4. Cal Poly-Pomona, 5. Bellarmine (Ky.), 6. Tusculum (Tenn.), 7. Merrimack (Mass.), 8. Augusta State (Ga.), 9. Florida Southern, 10. Bentley (Mass.), 11. Valdosta State, 12. Southwest Minnesota, 13. Metropolitan State, 14. Central Missouri, 15. Winona State, 16. Kutztown*, 17. Central Oklahoma, 18. Grand Valley, 19. Philadelphia :(, 20. Northern Kentucky, 21. Delta State, 22. Rollins, 23. Johnson C. Smith*, 24. West Virginia State*, 25. Incarnate Word.

Others To Watch: Barton, Cal State-San Bernardino, Catawba, Christian Brothers, Claflin, Dallas Baptist, Fort Hays State, Gannon*, Massachusetts-Lowell, New Mexico Highlands, Seattle Pacific, Southern Indiana, Tarleton State, South Carolina-Aiken, Virginia Union*.

I'm outraged! There's no way Incarnate Word is better than Claflin and Catawba. And how does New Mexico Highlands not make the Top 25!?!? They're waaaaaay better than most of those ranked teams, especially Merrimack. I make those absurd statements to reinforce my point from last week that these polls are for entertainment purposes only. How do you explain IUP placing #6 in last week's Sporting News poll but not cracking the Top 40 for the DII Bulletin? You don't.

Speaking of IUP, check out their roster when you get a chance ( Looks like they're loaded. First, they return all-PSAC forwards Darryl Webb and Gerald Brooks plus smooth shooting sophomore Julian Sanders. But the guys who grabbed my attention were DI transfers Scooter Renkin (James Madison), Thomas Young (Maryland-Baltimore County), and 6-foot-9 Akida McLain (Boston College). They've also added a couple junior college transfers -- 5-foot-11 G Kevin Stewart and 6-foot-7 C Willi Estrella.


  1. So if the season ended today (aside from the fact that there would likely be some sort of national emergency that would necessitate the cancellation of the entire basketball season), Kutztown would host the Atlantic Regional. JC Smith would be the #2 seed, WV State would be the #3 seed, and GU and VUU would meet in a 4/5 game in the first round!

    Simple as that ... I guess that we're playing the whole season to figure out the #6-#8 seeds.

    Actually, the schedule may not bode well for GU as they will have to travel to Kutztown in early January. That game could go quite a ways to determining a host for the regional. The PSAC East winner will also host the conference tourney, so it could be multiple trips to K-town.

  2. these polls are a joke! Findlay #2 in one and "honorable mention" in the other? IUP #6 in one and not even on the radar in the other?!

    But what's the frown face next to Magee's Philly Textile for? haha

  3. Here are the Division II Bulletin preseason All-Americans from the Atlantic Region.

    Their "Super 16" includes defensive whiz Stephen Dennis of Kutztown and James Dillard of Johnson C. Smith.

    Honorable Mention: Corey Pelle of West Liberty and Terrell Eargle of Alderson-Broaddus. Eargle was a Gannon recruit -- not sure if he ever actually enrolled in school, but I do recall him being listed on the GU roster a few years ago.

  4. I do remember that name (terrell eargle), but I also do not recall if he ever did anything at Gannon (athletically or academically).

    I love when schools (not just Gannon, but any school really, but I'm going to use Gannon "fans" as a reference since I know them better than other schools) get recruits and all you hear prior to season is "Oh, this kids the next Steve Moyer.. he can shoot the three like you've never seen"... "this kid is the next josh morgan... he's a big strong kid who can slam it, hit the jumper, and knock down a three if he has to"... "this kid is a phenomenal rebounder... he goes hard to the hoop all the time.. no one will push him around"...

    and then they play a year (if that...) and they go to some no name D3 school or some horrible school that they instantly star at because they have no one else on the team...

    This is why I just wait til the first jump ball :)

  5. Did a search on Google for Akida McClain very interesting. He was suspended from Boston College basketball twice for team rules infractions. On January 18,2007 was dismissed from the team for his involvement in a counterfeiting scam. As a 49 year Gannon fan I never want to see Gannon become this desperate to win.

  6. Coach Corey ... I agree with your perspective ... Until a coach says about a recruit "Well, a bunch of better players turned us down so we had to settle for this guy. Beggars can't be choosers," I ignore alot of the recruit chatter. Does anyone remember the hype surrounding Derrick Vinyard?

    I like this blog becauses it discusses the recruits in a more objective, fact-based fashion.

  7. Thanks golden, and that's exactly right!

    Recent "hyped up players" I recall: Bobby Bossman, Brandon Altmann, Ty Pace (wait, who?!), and Kyle Goldcamp. C'mon admit, he did not live up to expectations! haha okay, okay, i'm kidding with that one :)

    thoughts on him playing with BayHawks possibly?! He truly a "NBA Future Star" or would it be more of a publicity thing since he's a "hometown hero" for Gannon and Erie?... I'm interested to watch him either way!

  8. There is one thing to keep in mind when talking about recruits. They were RECRUITED by the coach they did not ask to come to Gannon so lets not be critical about the player when a coach makes a recruiting mistake. Like Ed Sparling trying to make Joe Blanks into a two guard or Dick Fox trying to make David Phillips into a point guard. Another thing I would like to point out when talking about players be careful what you say about thier grades there are HIPPA laws that can land you into legal problems you do not need.

  9. Yes, they were recruited by the coach, but also it's the players responsibility to "adapt" from high school to college, or from one coaching philosophy to another, etc. Coaches can only coach a player so much, the rest is up to them. Sometimes it's hit or miss when it comes to recruiting, especially with high school kids. They can absolutely dominate in HS and then go to a college and do nothing because he can't adapt to the new game. I coached a kid who was a phenomenal player... recruited as high as low D1 schools... went to Roberts Wesleyan expected to start... started first three games, and maybe played a total of 45 minutes in the final 19 games. He then transferred to Behrend and didn't even make the team. It's all about attitude and the player's willingness to adapt to new things. Talent does not make up for attitude.

    Also, who mentioned grades? or was it in a past post someone put? I was looking thru this and I didn't see what you were talking about in anyones postings.

  10. Coachcory: There were comments made about Ty Pace's grafes in the past which was out of line and no ones business besides being illegal.

  11. Ohh.. that was probably me! ha I don't know if I specifically mentioned grades, but I may have. I thought I had just said he didn't finish his Spring semester at Gannon as he left in like mid-march end of March (roughly right around when Gannon went to Springfield). I did not mean to offend anyone or "diss" Pace. Someone else had mentioned something about him and I just stated that he didn't finish at Gannon.

    Sorry, if you are referencing my comments, to have stirred up anything.

  12. also, did some research because your use of HIPAA threw me off because I didn't see how that had anything to do with athletics.. and it doesnt. HIPAA is health care/insurance privacy. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

    In regards to athletes, coaches, ADs, players, etc. are under privacy constrictions to not discuss things about each other with each other. NCAA rule book says nothing about fans commenting on players or people they know personally who are athletes.

    So not sure where you got your info from, but you may want to double check next time.