Monday, September 28, 2009

The Off-season: Gone in 60 Days

Can you believe the off-season will be over in less than two months? I'm sure Gannon SID Dan Teliski is a believer. He's in the throes of football/volleyball/soccer season while also prepping for hoops season. Dan e-mailed me today letting me know that Gannon's official team roster is now available at

Dan passed along a few other notes about the roster:
  • James Bryant is not listed on the roster and will not be until he officially arrives at GU in December.
  • Mark Demski is listed as a senior even though he originally redshirted his freshman year, so expect this to be his final year as a Knight.
  • Recent Prep grad Andrew Sweny will redshirt.
  • Robert Buckner will be with the team, but will not be listed on the roster. His collegiate career is over due to his latest knee injury last year.

A few things popped into my head while checking out the roster and individual player photos:
  • There were rumors that Preston Harris and walk-on Corey Dotchin would not return, but they're on the roster. Harris has a new number -- changing from 42 to 33.
  • The team photo shows that Gannon has new home uniforms this year. Instead of saying "Knights" in gold outlined in maroon across the chest like last season, the unis say "Gannon" in maroon only. The new unis are OK; nice but a slight downgrade from last year -- not enough gold for my liking. Then again, my all-time favorite Gannon uniforms were the Georgia Tech all-gold editions worn in the early 1990s. Sweet!
  • I'd like to pray for Gannon to ditch their current road uniforms, but I'm not sure who's the patron saint of that cause.
  • If you care even one thread about sports uniforms, check out The site is 100% dedicated to sports uniform news and commentary. It's the best blog on the Internet, present company included.
  • Tom Chapman's ideal roster number was 12. He thought any more than that and several guys on the team would gripe about playing time. The current Knights have 15 active players with James Bryant on deck next semester.
  • Mercyhurst may need to use a satellite to take its team photo; 17 players are listed on the active roster. (See for details.) Personally, I'm glad to see that all-name team All-American Niv Zinder is still on the club.
  • Always interesting to see who smiles for their individual photos and who snarls. Former Knight Derrick Price was happy-go-lucky, but intentionally scowled for his pics. His philosophy was that he wanted to intimidate opponents with his photo. I smiled for all my photos. I figured the intimidation factor was already lost when they saw me listed at 5-foot-11, 150 pounds. My freckles didn't help matters either.


  1. When the ET-N listed all the recruits, and you listed them as well with details, didn't it say Tanner Furno was redshirting this season as well? Wasn't there someone else too? (and it couldn't have been Sweny as his recruitment wasn't listed in the paper until AFTER the first recruits were listed).

  2. Also, after looking at Mercy-hurts' schedule (also I remember reading this in the paper)... does anyone remember when Manchel lashed out in the paper about how he "at least doesn't recruit one-year players"... speaking in regards to Gannon getting Vince Mosley (who technically wasn't thought of as a one-year player until he passed up his final year of eligibility to go pursue NBA camp dreams... speaking of which, anyone heard about him? Yah, me neither!)

    Anyways.. looking at their roster... they have Cornelius who is a Graduate student and a D1 transfer. Last time I checked, Grad students only were eligible for one year (as they've already completed 4+ years of undergrad work). So most likely this kid redshirted freshman year and then played 3 years, graduated, and is now using his last year of eligibility for the Lake-squad. Isn't that recruiting a one-year player?! tisk, tisk "Coach" Manchel!

  3. Good post, except that I hate the early '90s unies. Maybe they were okay for sitting on floor level, but they blended in with the floor for the fans in the general admission.

    Plus, it was kind of an icky gold. And maybe it's because I equate the gold jerseys with the 1991-1995 independent years, the most boring time my history of being a Gannon fan. Who will every forget the mid-February Sunday afternoon doubleheader with Wisconsin-Parkside? Yech.

  4. One more thing ... good call on the team picture smiling.

    I like looking at the football teams in my (and other) grade school yearbooks. The 5th & 6th grade football team NEVER smiles. Those 10-12 year-olds need to look tough and intimidating!