Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GU recruit: James Bryant G 5-10 soph.

I've been trying to piece together the storyline of GU recruit James Bryant, but that's been no easy task. Part of the problem is when you do a Google search for "James Bryant basketball," you end up with tons of newspaper headlines about the U.S. basketball team led by "James, Bryant" -- LeBron and Kobe.

Another contributing factor is that Bryant -- Gannon's new guy, not the Lakers' all-star -- appears to have played for two different high schools in two different states (Don Bosco in N.Y., St. Patrick's in N.J.) and graduated from St. Pat's way back in 2006. He attended Division I Army for one year and was listed on the team roster, but never played.

I don't have the whole story (I'll leave that up to Jim LeCorchick, Red Hughes, and the Erie Times to get to the bottom of), but here's what I do have:

  • John Reilly's comments on Bryant to GoErie.com: "He's from the same area as Joe Lindsey (Spring Valley, N.Y., just north of New York City). He’s a little bit older. Spent a year at West Point. Didn’t play varsity at West Point, but is a very accomplished high school player. He’s older. Left hander. Really strong. He’s someone I feel really has a chance to be special.”
  • Listed on the Army roster at 175 pounds.
  • Here's what a New York City recruiting website said: "9/04 James has transferred to St Patrick for his junior year. 10/29/03 Coach Kevin Diverio: 'Combo guard - has the court vision, ball handling and quickness to play the point but he also has the range and ability to score off the dribble to play the off guard… he will be a big key to our success this year … played well all summer and made the all star game in the developmental league at Five-Star (Honesdale - August).'"
  • Photo: www.nycnjhoops.com/jb040619.jpg

I also came across a story that said James Bryant was part of a winning team at a New Jersey 3-on-3 tournament this summer. But when I looked into it further, that "James Bryant" was only 7 years old. Maybe Gannon's James Bryant will make a name for himself at the Audi this winter.


  1. Bryant attended West Point for one full year and did not play basketball there. He left and then transferred to Rockland Community College and started their this past Spring Semester (January - May of 2009). However, there's a snag... when transferring from a 4-year college to a 2-year college, you must stay at the 2-year college for at least 2 semesters if you desire to leave again. Bryant will not be with the Knights for the entire Fall Semester as he will be back at Rockland finishing up is 2nd semester. Bryant will join the team at the start of Gannon's Spring Semester (typically 2nd week of January). I am not sure if he will be immediately available to play or if he must get so many practices in first, but he will play at some point in the 2nd half of the season. He will then have 2 full years of eligibility remaining at Gannon University.

  2. GREAT info. Thanks very much for sharing. It will be interesting if he turns out to be a mid-season addition. Gannon hasn't had one of those in a while. I'm trying to think who the last one was and I can't recall. Jarming White?

  3. No problem. In my opinion, he'll probably be "active" as soon as the Spring Semester starts. I don't see him or Gannon wasting this year's eligibility. If that was the case, he probably would've just enrolled at Gannon in the Fall and lost the whole year of eligibility. Also, I don't think he'll be eligible to redshirt due to the circumstances. But who knows.. counting down the days to Gannon Madness!!! (78 days, 6 hours, 1 minute until Nov 21, 2009!) hahaha

  4. Do you really think this guy will be an impact player in the future? Obviously Coach Reilly knows his stuff BUT this kid sat the bench at West Point which has a terrible basketball program even if it is D1. They haven't had good squads since Coach Knight and Coach K were there 4 & 5 decades ago. Not to mention the kid went from a D1 'academic' institution to a JUCO. And from what I've read above, he's not eligible until the spring semester? Very odd! Why even enroll until fall 2010. I guess if Gannon if becoming transfer U the program would wait to find talent next spring.

  5. Khyl Horton was a midseason add-on. I think that Jarming was, but he was academically ineligible, but he was game-to-game.

    Yuk. I hate even thinking this team. The Jarming White / Khyl Horton era is one that we'd like to forget. The only good thing about the 1995-96 season was the fact that it ended. And that I got engaged a couple of hours after it ended.

  6. he wasn't a benchwarmer though... he played half the season then quit. He had played too many games, however, and lost that year of eligibility. According to Reilly, as long as he stays in shape he "could and should be an immediated starter at Point Guard once he joins" the team.

  7. the key term you used was 'quit'...times are always tough at the service academies when you're a first year but quitting is not an option in mid-season...your teammates and coaches always have your back...i assume he had 'issues'...then again he did go to a juco!...oh well, i hope he pans out...