Friday, September 11, 2009

GU recruit: Danard Crouch G 6-0 jr.

Just when you thought Gannon's recruiting class was complete (and I thought I was done researching), this week Coach Reilly announces the addition of Danard Crouch, a 6-foot, 180-pound guard from Syracuse. Gannon's press release spells his first name "Danard" and lists him at 6 feet tall; his Juco says it's "Deanard" and lists him at 6-foot-2. We'll find out what the facts are soon enough because the season opener for the Knights is just 70 days away ...

Here's the skinny on Crouch:
  • Transfers to GU from Victory Valley College in Southern California.
  • Helped them to their first postseason playoff appearance in more than 20 years. The Rams won a first-round playoff game before ending the season at 19-15.
  • The program recorded the most victories in a two-year span in school history with Crouch on the roster. Four teammates also earned full scholarships -- one to Division I UC-Riverside and three to NAIA schools.
  • Crouch ranked 9th in the Foothill Conference scoring 12.5 ppg. Hit 46 three-pointers on the season. His career high at VVC was 31 points.
  • Named to the Foothill Conference honorable mention team and to the all-tournament team at the Mesa College Holiday Tournament.
  • Kudos to my buddy Duane Rankin at the Times for uncovering YouTube video of Crouch (#21) at Victory Valley. Good action -- if you can tolerate the schmaltzy announcer.,,
  • Jucos have a reputation for being selfish, me-first, off-the-dribble, one-on-one clubs. But VVC really shared the ball in the clips I watched.
  • Here's a photo of Crouch shooting a jumper:


  1. Can you check if Datwan Eppimger and Tim Kamczyc have xfred to Gannon from D1 Cleveland State Univ. Heard they are both enrolled at GU. Will they play BB this yr.

  2. should read EppiNger and not EppiMger

  3. i just did an e-mail search of the students at gannon (directory) and those two names are not registered for an e-mail address. So my guess is they are not enrolled at gannon... but that's just from that, maybe not active email yet?

  4. I just got word from Gannon SID Dan Teliski on Eppinger and Kamczyc. Here's what he said: “Those two players are not members of the program and we are planning on going into the season with the 10 recruits we announced, along with the returning players.”

    If it comes from Dan, you know it's the truth ...

  5. Jim, I looked up CSU 09/10 roster. Kamczyc is there but Eppinger is not. DT saying they are not members of the program, but is Eppinger in school at GU waiting for next yr? Hmm! Just kidding but I find it an interesting response by Dan.

  6. And again let me reiterate that in the student e-mail search I did neither name came up and I did Eppinger's again. If he was enrolled his e-mail address would come up with his name.

  7. Beleive me, I never doubted Dan's or your search efforts. I just found it funny the way DT answered. Its like asking "is there gas in the car" and the respose is, "the tank is not full".
    Yea, but is there any gas in the car? Yes or no.

  8. good point and also after some more research i found some sites that rumored both of those kids transferring to Gannon. Obviously Kamczyc is sitll at CSU and Eppinger is not. It did say that Eppinger was going to transfer to a DII college where he'd get immediate playing time... so I'm assuming he's either somewhere else (not Gannon) or he's not in school at all. Maybe next year at Gannon?! That would still allow him to be a redshirt freshman and have four years eligibility correct? If he's not in school at all this year?

  9. Jim -- Based on the start by your beloved Tampa Bay Bucs, I bet that basketball can't start soon enough. :-)