Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time will tell with new 9 Knights

On paper, Gannon's 2009 recruiting class looks strong. (For details, go to The most encouraging detail I saw came in the Erie Times article that this year's senior class worked out these recruits and gave them their stamp of approval.

Players can B.S. coaches -- look good on game film, say all the right things, and have a good workout -- but you can't fool other players during the entire course of a recruiting trip. When Gannon volleyball was in its heyday in the 90's, coach Gerry Burbules basically let her players close the deal with recruits. She had an excellent group of upperclassmen who worked hard and excelled in every aspect of their life, especially academically and athletically. Guess what kind of girls liked hanging out with them? Other high achieving hard workers. If these hoops recruits could hang with Pierre Howard, Cory Knight, Kyle Goldcamp, etc., you'd think they must be pretty decent players ... and not punks.

My personal highlight of the recruiting class is seeing that Steve Piotrowicz is transferring from Behrend. I've known Steve's dad Larry for many years because he's been a huge Knight hoops fan and member of the GU booster club. I've seen Steve grow from a rugrat to a point guard at OLC, the Erie Red Storm AAU team, and then at Prep. Piotrowicz probably won't be an impact player, but you can't help but root for a local kid who says Steve Moyer was his childhood hero.

The lowlight was seeing that Robert Buckner won't be playing anymore because of his knee injuries. He was the brightest spot in Reilly's early Gannon recruiting classes, showing a quick first step and smooth stroke from long distance. I was hoping the former Gary Miller Classic MVP would regain his form and earn a starting spot this year, but that won't be the case.

The rest of the news surrounding this recruiting class seems promising, but you can't say much beyond seems. At this point, every recruit is unproven on the Division II level. "Hey -- what about Isaac Reid?", you might say. "He averaged 6 points and 6 boards a game as a regular starter at Division I Loyola, Maryland. He should be a superstar dropping down a level, right?"

My response: "Maybe. Do you remember the last Loyola starter to transfer to Gannon? Bobby Bossman." Bossman was labeled as an outstanding shooter and likely all-conference player; neither was the case. Time will tell if these recruits will live up to their press clippings.


  1. Jim - I like your Q&A Session between you and yourself :) haha

    A buddy of mine saw the recruits and saw the DI Loyola transfer and was just in awe. I just said "ahh, we'll see" and he couldn't believe how non-challantly I brushed it off.

    He asked "Why?" and I simply replied "Bobby Bossman...."

    *he got the point*

  2. Wow ... if "The Next Bobby Bossman" will be playing for GU next year, the Athletic Department better be ready for the flood of season ticket sales.

    I don't follow recruiting all that much. Until I read a press release that a coach says, "Well, we tried to get a bunch of other kids, but it didn't pan out. Beggars can't be choosers," I wait till November to assess the recruiting class.

  3. um, if "the next bobby bossmann" will be playing this year for GU (and is expected to be a starter), then the Athletic Department better be prepared to start giving out free tickets haha Hopefully, Isaac will be nothing like Bobby Bossman (or Alfonso Scandrett for that matter) but only time will tell...

    Going to watch some "open basketball"/scrimmages this week at the Rec Center... looking forward to seeing the recruits in action.

  4. Kudos to my buddy Duane Rankin for finding this YouTube video on Filmore "Mook" Bouldes, one of GU's 9 new recruits.