Sunday, May 17, 2009

You've got mail ... from Florida

Back to the Gannon Hoops mail bag, this time from Florida:

Hi Jim: I am a season ticket holder and have been since 1996. I took over the tickets from my father when he passed. Anyway, I am currently vacationing in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and was walking around Hollywood Beach with my Gannon shirt on, when this guy goes, "Gannon, I went there, in fact I played basketball there"...

His name is Scott ___ (can't remember the last name...i met him on the boardwalk with my wife after a couple of drinks...), but he says he transferred from Mercyhurst after his freshman season and played with you (I was name dropping and mentioned your blog). He is doing well, a prescription drug rep in Ft. Lauderdale, married to an attorney. Great guy and wanted to know all about what was going on in Gannon, gave lots of opinions and stories from when he played, etc. etc. etc. Small world, huh?

Cheers, John Johnston
PS -- love the hoops coverage!

Thanks very much for the story and the kind words. It is a small world for sure! From the data you shared, you ran into Scott Kornick, who played one injury-plagued season at Gannon (1992-93) and scored exactly 100 points. When I was a senior, he was redshirting but practicing, so we were the scout team backcourt. He was an highly athletic guard and, when you combine that with his work ethic in the weight room, he could do some pretty amazing things on the floor. Too bad his injuries limited what Gannon fans got to see from him in game action.

Here's one of my favorite Scott Kornick stories: In the preseason of my senior year, the coaches decided we should do some agility/ability tests, kind of like the NFL combine. I was comfortable running sprints, but just the opposite when Coach Mike Pisano said, "OK guards. Stand under the basket, jump off both feet, and see how many times you can touch the rim." I said, "I'll give you my number now: Zero." I tried my best but got nothing but net.

Next up was Juan Rankin. He got the rim a couple times. Jason Stitcher fared much better -- a total of 5 rim touches. Juan and I said, "Wow -- good job, Stitch." Kornick was the last guard to go. He executed the drill as if someone had sneaked a mini-trampoline under the basket. He tapped the rim with ease -- 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 ... we stopped counting after that.

Scott also helped give me big thrills during practices that year. Along with redshirt Matt Flannery, we regularly joined forces on the scout team against the starting five. We often beat the starters in short scrimmages, especially when the First Five went zone. That was no easy feat; GU posted a 22-6 record that year.

Off the court, Kornick was a great guy -- high energy, lots of fun, a SportsCenter addict. And how many guys can tell stories from inside both the Gannon and Mercyhurst lockerrooms?

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  1. Between his GU and MC stints, Kornick played for American International College. Word has it that MC wouldn't release him to GU and not sit out a year.

    Kornick's 1989-90 Mercyhurst experience was much more memorable than the 1992-93 Gannon team. He was MCC freshman of the year -- quite a feat for playing on such a bad team coached by DOCTOR Barry Copeland. That was the squad that gave up a 27-7 run in the final eight minutes against Gannon to lose by five.

    My first question to Scott if I saw him would be what it was like to play with Jeff Fink.