Thursday, May 28, 2009

GU recruit: Filmore Bouldes G 5-7 fr.

I ran into longtime Gannon fan Jerry DeLuca recently, and he let me know that the PSAC website lists student-athletes who have signed letters of intent with member schools. All you have to do is (1) go to, (2) scroll over "Membership Services" and then (3) click on "Letters of Intent." According to that site, Gannon has signed Filmore Bouldes from Romulus, Mich. and Jerrell Sanders from Grand Rapids.

You can go to that PSAC site to keep up on the new names, or you can just stay tuned to Gannon Hoops for all the information you'd want to know (and more) on Knight recruits. Details on Bouldes are below. I'll track down some data on Sanders soon enough.
  • The Detroit News confirms Bouldes going to Gannon: "Romulus point guard Filmore Bouldes signed with Gannon University in Erie, Pa. Bouldes averaged nine points and six assists, and helped Romulus reach the Class A semifinals. Gannon reached the elite eight this past season in the Division II tournament."
  • The Michigan High School Basketball Databank wrote, "Filmore Bouldes, a 5-7 gym rat, is going to Gannon." You gotta love it when your team signs a kid who's known as a "gym rat."
  • A Michigan preps website says Bouldes was also recruited by Penn State.
  • He received little playing time as a junior due to an outstanding senior class at Romulus.
  • Prior to the 2008-09 season, Next Generation Sports rated Bouldes the #18 point guard in state of Michigan.
  • As a senior, he started at the point and led his team to a 21-6 mark, losing in state semis. Bouldes had 12 points, 8 assists, and 1 TO in front of 11,000+ at Michgan State's Breslin Center in the loss to the Detroit Pershing Doughboys. (Second greatest nickname ever -- besides "Grape Pickers.")
  • Prior to a playoff game, someone wrote, "The Eagles will need a great game from guard Filmore Bouldes. He has a great ability to shoot from beyond the perimeter, and Romulus as a whole likes to jack up 3-pointers."
  • After the regional regional finals vs. the Lincoln Railsplitters (another gorgeous nickname), it was written: "After draining all three 3-pointers he attempted in the first half, senior guard Filmore Bouldes made tough shot after tough shot in the lane during the second half to finish with a game-high 30 points."
  • He was named to the honorable mention list of the Detroit News all-Metro team.
  • A speedster, he was a state qualifier in the 400-meter dash.
  • Here's a link to a photo of Bouldes along with an article titled "Romulus Does Defense Better."
  • This next link might be going over the top, even Knight nuts like us. It's Bouldes' MySpace page. Caution: seeing what goes on between the ears of today's 18-year-olds could freak you out. The page starts out, "What up my government name is Filmore Bouldes! but most ppl call me Mook...the number one thing that i love to do is play basketball! i love jesus christ who is my lord and saviour!"

So, Gannon signed a speedy, hot-shooting Christian gym rat whose defense makes headlines. Sounds like a perfect fit!


  1. 1) he sounds like a very talented player all-around.. and I like that he has a ton of Christian paraphrases on his MySpace Page. At least he's not putting on a show by just saying "I love God".. he seems to be a true religious boy.
    2) Is that seriously him?! He looks 12... at oldest? haha but as long as his ID says he's legal and it's a Gannon ID.. i'm cool with it
    3) Any of you who want to check out his MySpace page, I'd be a little weary. I checked it out but noticed that he has a ton of SPAM comments from friends' accounts that were "hacked" into. Meaning his site could easily be hacked into, if not already. Thus meaning, if you visit, you could get viruses and such. Just a though... do as you wish.
    4) Jim, I want you to know I've heard so many people talking about your Blog!!! This is honestly one of the greatest things I've seen! And the thing I like most... you're not biased! I mean, you're not like all "gung-ho Gannon". You give credit to other teams/players when deserved. (i.e.- you're not saying "Gannon just fell apart and let Bobby Smith score 25 second half points"... you'd say something like "despite Gannon's tremendous defnese, Bobby Smith did manage to score 25 second half points" however, if Gannon did just fall apart, you'd say it! haha)

    Love the blog!!! :) Kudos

  2. Heard a nasty... Is Cleve Wright leaving GU for Cal? Please confirm this is BS.


    This is where you may have heard the rumor. Hopefully, it's BS. Why would he leave for another PSAC program? I would think that Cleve is D-I bound someday, but not for a few more years.

    I'm sure that we'll see another post about this, but RIP Coach Dukiet.

  4. I had heard that Coach Wright was leaving Gannon, but Cal U was not one of the teams I had heard about... this could get interesting.

  5. Not exactly sure why Cleve would leave after this year, given all the returnees and good recruits coming in.

  6. yah, I could picture him leaving AFTER this year, but not with the team he has coming back.. but 1) Money talks, and 2) I know his family does not like "Erie weather"