Thursday, April 9, 2009

You've got mail ... from Kutztown

I've received lots of feedback on the Gannon Hoops site, but not much since the season ended, as expected. And I've never received correspondence from the fan of a GU rival. But an e-mail from a Kutztown follower arrived today, and I thought I'd respond to it here:

Mr. Roddy,
I happened to be looking over your blog this morning from March 26th (why I do not know). But it was interesting to me that you called Tyler Stoczynski the best all around player in the region. I think Stephen Dennis showed you and all Gannon fans exactly who the best all around player in the region was by far. A back injury suffered against IUP in the regional semis and some bs calls by the ref in the first half against Gannon in the finals slowed him down the last two games, but in the PSAC's and the regionals he took over Erie. While I admit Gannon was the best TEAM and the best coached team by far, Tyler wasn't even the best player on his team.

Another thing I have been itching to ask someone who covers Gannon Sports is why was Joe Lindsey starting over Corey Knight ever? I admit I am a Kutztown fan, but I am a basketball fan more than anything. Honestly without Corey Knight Gannon doesn't beat Kutztown in any game this season. The stat sheets didn't even begin to tell his story, they were clearly a better team with him on the floor every time out. I would like to say that Gannon was one of the best basketball atmosphere's I have ever been to. The fans were great, fiery, and talked a lot of smack but definitely were good sports!!! I had a lot of fun.

On another note do you think Joe Jones deserved to be on the All American team? Dennis leads him in every statistical category (pts, steals, rebounds, blocks, assists) and yet didn't make the All American team? He didn't even win the PSAC East player of the year and he lead the winner in all statistical categories as well? I'm just trying to get another opinion on how the NCAA works.

First, thanks for your interest in Gannon Hoops. Now to address your specific points:
  • I don't know either why you were looking over my March 26th entry. It is Lent, so maybe it was penance assigned by your priest after confessing to cheering for Mark Bower (#44 for the Golden Bears). Let me also recommend a few other Kutztown-related posts: Jan. 1 "Kutztown: A look ahead, a look back", Jan. 3 "Undermanned GU Outcoaches KU", March 7 "Bobwa over basketball?", and March 18 "Something special."
  • Dennis was the best offensive player in the region for sure. I've watched Division II basketball for a few decades now, and I don't recall too many players with Dennis' combination of height, speed, jumping ability, agility, ballhandling, body control, and ability to shoot off the dribble or standstill. But there are two ends of the floor in basketball, and Dennis isn't among the top 100 defenders in the region. It's not that he doesn't have the ability; it's that his intensity frequently wanes when KU's opponent has the ball. I called Stoczynski "the best all-around player in the entire region" because his game is excellent in every aspect ... and he was named in Most Outstanding Player of the Atlantic Regional Tournament, so I'm not completely crazy making that claim.
  • Seeing Lindsey and Knight play in only the regional tournament, I could understand why you might like Cory better than Joe. In my opinion, those were the best games of Knight's career. But over the course of the season, Lindsey was the better point guard for a variety of reasons -- controlling the tempo, limiting his turnovers, not forcing penetration, etc. Where Lindsey earned his spot on the PSAC West first team was carrying Gannon offensively when Kyle Goldcamp was injured. His signature game was a stat line of 24 points, 4 rebounds, 4 steals, 8 assists and only 2 turnovers in Gannon's regular season 88-58 romp over Kutztown. (Sorry I had to bring that up.)
  • As far as your statement of "Honestly without Corey Knight Gannon doesn't beat Kutztown in any game this season," I disagree completely. If Knight had missed the aforementioned 88-58 shellacking, GU still would have won the game handily. (Sorry I had to bring that up again. But I am glad it gave me the opportunity to use the word "aforementioned.")
  • That was a great atmosphere in the regional finals, wasn't it? My wife told me afterwards that she was lightheaded from screaming all game. I told her I hadn't noticed because the place was so dang loud.
  • I don't pay attention to D-II All-American teams because they're pretty bogus. How can anyone say that Division II first-teamer Matt Rogers of Southwest Baptist is better than second-teamers Lucas Alves of BYU-Hawaii and Laurence Ekperigin of LeMoyne?
  • Thanks very much for writing in. Feel free to join in the comments section -- and come back to the Hammermill Center -- any time you like.


  1. It's about time you post something! haha I kept checking every day and was heartbroken until today! woohoo! haha I agree, however, that Stocz was the BEST ALL AROUND player this season for Gannon. As for the region, I can't say because I didn't get to see all of the other regional team's players, BUT it wouldn't surprise me if he was and I'll take your word for it. Speaking of Stocz, anyone know how many charges he took this year?! I know in the one game he had 5 taken and another he had at least 4. He had to be close to some sort of record haha

    On another note... Lindsey vs. Knight. I'm a huge Knight fan and last year I kept asking myself why Lindsey was starting over Knight. Even at the beginning of the season, when Lindsey was injured, I was befuddled that Howard started at point guard rather than Knight. this year, however, Lindsey proved WHY he started over Knight. He's more consistent, less turnovers, more patient, better offensively, not as "predictable" as Knight can be sometime. However, you also must note that Knight played just 9-11 minutes less a game than Lindsey. Knight was such a valuable bench player. He subbed in for Lindsey, Howard, Johnson, Stocz, and occasionally there were times he was a direct sub for Goldcamp (mainly because Wilson or Demski were already in the gaem though). I also think Knight is just one of those kids that does better off the bench.

    Another side note.. with Kimball taking the AD job at Hurst.... what's the news on Slocum possibly coming back to GU?! Anyone know?

  2. A nice and well-thought-out e-mail from the KU fan.

    To the KU fan -- Thanks for the letter and congratulations to your team for a wonderful season. I got to talk to some KU fans before the regional final and they seemed to be nice people.

    One more thing ... Whenever I think of your nickname, the Golden Bears, I obviously think of Jack Nicklaus. It got me to wonder ... you'd better have a good golf team if your nickname is the Golden Bears. So I looked at the PSAC Web site for the golf standings. And Kutztown DOESN'T HAVE A GOLF TEAM. Seven of the 14 PSAC schools offer golf, but not the Golden Bears? C'mon! Step up to the plate (or the tee box).

    Aside -- GU and Mercyhurst comprise two of the seven. That must be the reason for inviting the two private schools ... to beef up the schools that offer golf.

  3. Off topic here, but can we keep this going with football season up next.
    This Saturday the 18th at 11 AM is the sprig Maroon and Gold game signifying the end od spring practice. See you there,