Saturday, April 18, 2009

More mail from Kutztown

Our friend from the land of Golden Bears wrote me back recently. Here's what he had to say:

I read you post and there are a few things I disagree with. I hope you post this as well because more people will read the post as opposed to the comments and I think you did Mr. Dennis a disservice with the defense statement.

You calling Mr Dennis one of the worst defensive players in the region is like me judging Corey Knight vs Joe Lindsay. I asked you because I haven't seen enough games, and I'm sure you haven't seen enough of his as well. His D left something to be desired in the regional finals but overall he has been one of the best defenders in the country all year long. Dennis leads the conference in steals, he's 10th in blocks, and averaged around 6 rebounds as a pt guard. He's 4th on the Kutztown all time list for blocks with a year left. He's top 20 in steals in the country, and ranked in blocks as well.

I've watched him shut the best players on other teams down with the game on the line. The last 10 min against WVSU Ted Scott had nothing because Dennis told the coach he wanted him. Joe Jones was shut down at the end of the game during the reg season against Kutztown for the same reason. I bet if there was an all defensive team Dennis would be on it.

I watched that January thrashing on the internet and Knight still was the best player agains KU even though Lindsey scored the most points. Boxscores sometimes don't tell the story. I watched Lindsey hit a lot of wide open shots and if I was left open that much I'd score 24 as well. Knight was the difference in that game and each game against KU because he disrupted Dennis' flow. Even in the PSAC finals when Dennis scored 28, Gannon made the comeback when Lindsey and Goldcamp got in foul trouble and Knight came off the bench. Did you notice that Gannon was a lot better against KU with Goldcamp, Howard, and Johnson in foul trouble? But that's why I asked because I only saw a few games.

As far as Tyler is concerned he should have gotten the best player in the regional tournament because he was the most consistent player on the team that won, but that doesn't mean he is the best all around player in the region he's good but far from the best.

Yeah I had prejudices against Erie before coming there because I live close to Philly and I thought it would be another boring, western pa city but I have to say I like the city. The Gannon U staff and fans were great as I said before. They really know their basketball. My goal is to become a referee for Gannon University because I know the rogue ref on home games makes a lot of money under the table, lol. Just kidding!!! Thanks for responding as you can see I'm a basketball Junkie just like you.

Again, thanks for your interest in Gannon Hoops, but I respectfully disagree with some of your comments. Or maybe I didn't communicate some of mine effectively in my initial post:
  • I did not call Dennis "one of the worst defensive players in the region." I said he "isn't among the top 100 defenders in the region." With 40+ teams in the Atlantic Region and approx. 12 players on each team, that means there are well over 500 players in the region.
  • If Dennis "has been one of the best defenders in the country all year long," then why did KU give up 85.6 ppg in their 6 playoff games? His other teammates must be the absolute worst defenders in the country. Dennis can be an excellent defender when he wants to, but he wants to way too infrequently.
  • As far as not seeing enough Kutztown games, I can speak for all of Erie when I say we probably saw them too many times. They played 6 games at the Hammermill Center this year, and I saw parts of all of them and 4 games in their entirety. I think that's enough games to make an accurate assessment of a team and its players.
  • In the final 10 minutes of the WVSU-KU NCAA game (is that enough acronyms in a row for everyone?), Ted Scott had 6 points. That kind of production over a 40-minute game would be 24 points. I would hardly call that being "shut down."
  • And as far as being a referee for home Gannon games, I think you're ineligible. You have a to be either an Erie native or a Gannon graduate, preferably both. You get to make extra money working playoff games if you're a member of the Gannon Booster Club.


  1. You should change your bio from "It actually took him four whole years to tally as many points as Kyle Goldcamp scores in one half of a game." to "It actually took him four whole years to tally as many points as Stephen Dennis give up in a half."

  2. That's REALLY funny! Well played.

  3. Used to be GU would LOVE seeing Kutztown 6 times a season. The Bears used to be a yearly opening opponent for Gannon in the Porreco Cup.