Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just in case

With Gannon being at home and seeded #1 in the region, I'm not surprised Golden Knight fans are confident about the team's chances this weekend. But I'm a little taken aback that so many have assumed this weekend will be a cakewalk. I've been asked about Springfield (site of the D-II Elite 8) more frequently than I have about Pitt-Johnstown.

I'm hopeful about the tourney as well, but just in case the Knights do fall, I've assembled an Emergency Preparedness Kit for us Gannon faithful. If you're disappointed and depressed that the season is over, just click on the links below so you can see how two other clubs fared this season:

I thought Hilbert's 0-25 campaign ended painfully when they tallied only 20 points in their season finale. But maybe your offensive ineptness isn't that offensive when your season scoring average (30.6 points per game) is just a hair above your turnover average (30.4 per game) and you shoot 23.9% from the field for the year.

But Hilbert's season-capper crapper wasn't as bad as 0-28 Salem International's 127-25 crisis at Charleston in the first round of the WVIAC conference tournament. Whoever's idea it was that "everybody makes the playoffs in the WVIAC" should be shot -- no, wait -- should be forced to watch every dreadful second of Salem/Charleston. (The official stats for that game can be accessed here:

I'm not sure what's my favorite part of the box score:

  • Salem had only 5 players in uniform, so when Melissa Anger picked up her fifth foul with 2 minutes left in the first half, that meant the rest of the game was 5-on-4.
  • Charleston held a 59-18 advantage on the boards, a more than 3-to-1 advantage.
  • Charleston made more field goals (53) than Salem attempted (48).
  • Charleston made more 3-point field goals (12) than Salem made total field goals (11).
  • Except for Jessica Lockett (12 points, 6 TOs), every other Salem player had more TOs than points.
  • Salem's Ashley Garcia played 40 minutes yet registered 0 points, 3 TOs and just 1 rebound and 1 assist. She didn't even attempt a field goal. What was she doing all game -- sitting in the corner?

So, just in case Gannon's dream season should end in the Atlantic Region tournament, don't pout. Just say to yourself, "At least we didn't lose by 102 points."


  1. Jim: I wish people would first check out facts before they start running with stories. I am referring to the Gary Miller story. I do not know if it is true or not but they should realize Gannon sports programs would not enjoy the success they have with out people like Gary Miller. When I was president of the Gannon Golden Knight club any time we neede something Gary never hesitated to help. This included dealing black jack for the two casino night fund raisers and you know he made money both times. It is a shame when people do not think before they start criticizing other people.

  2. If I am not mistaken, this is the same Hilbert team that Gannon beat 130-40 back in the 1996 season. That was quite an epic battle for sure. Too bad Hilbert hasnt improved since then...

  3. According to Gary Miller Jr., Gary, Sr. did not get his courtside seats which he is very displeased about. He is not "boycotting" the tournament, but is considering dropping sponsorship effective next year or reducing sponsorship effective next year. However, Gary (Jr) said he highly doubts he will because he thinks once the situation "settles" his dad will be fine.

    I can understand him being upset because he is a sponsor, but, in my opinion, he has to realize something... he is a sponsor of Gannon, not NCAA. This is not a "Gannon-thing", this is a "NCAA-thing", which is why he wouldn't receive "special treatment" as he normally would (which he deserves being a sponsor). What about the 80+ some regular season ticket holders who lost their seats? They may not be sponsors, but they should be equally as upset.

    Which leads to another question... I know a bunch of season tix holders and they got THEIR seats (not some random seats like all the communication/media said it would be). Are they not having the courtside seats for the NCAA tourney?! Those are a different price than the plush seats, correct? So wouldn't the season tix holder have to show to get the courtside seat? Which makes me think that Gary Miller should've got his seats being it's a different "rate". Unless, with the elimination of 80 plush, they opened the courtside to all season tix holders to make up for the difference?! Anyone know?

  4. A credible inside source at Gannon (no, not the Bishop), informed me today that Gary Miller did get his courtside seat for the regional tournament. He should be sitting in the same spot this weekend.

    I've also been told by another source at Gannon (again, not the Bish) that about 80 percent of GU season ticket holders who purchased tickets this week got their same seat. Every season ticket holder who showed up got a seat. That worked out really well, given the constraints the NCAA put on Gannon.

    Now let's start worrying about UPJ.

  5. SMS -- On February 7, 1994, the Gannon women (who would finish 7-18 that season) beat Hilbert 117-18. I was at that game.

    The men beat Hilbert 120-38 in 1996, I believe. Both games are records for margin of victory.

    One more thing ...

    No matter what happens (lose to UPJ or win the whole thing), it's been an absolutely fantastic season. Nobody would have predicted this after the 9-17 campaign after 2006-07. (Same for the women, but expectations are a bit higher for the men, hosting the NCAAs). Chapman always said, "Win 20 games, win your league and make the NCAA tournament. After that it's a roll of the dice."

    Great season!! We don't want it to end ... Let's hope it continues beyond Saturday!

  6. Golden: You are exactly correct. Of course, we all want GU to go to Springfield and face Findlay in the national championship (hehe haha), but we have to focus on UPJ first. And if it results in a loss, then it does. It still would have been a terrific season!

    Also, just listened to the girls game, they won 68-53. Congrats Cleve and gang!

    Also, sorry for the incorrect info about GM from GM, JR. Apparently, they must not talk directly that much because those were word for words what JR told me. So unless GM, Sr threw a fit and got his seats (which I doubt), then GM, JR either fed me a line or was going with everyone else's heresay. Sorry. Didn't mean to bash GM. We actually have 3 cars from Gary Miller and love them haha so definitely not a personal thing :)

    Go GANNON!!!

  7. okay and total random...

    has anyone else been having extremely long "images"? (the words you have to type to confirm you're not a robot or spammer). Holy cow man! The one I just did was 11 letters long! "trayesselle"

  8. Just got the e-mail.... Coach John Reilly NABC Atlantic Regional Coach of the year!!!!! About time... This definitely makes up for not getting GLIAC coty last season and PSAC West COTY this season :0)

    Congrats Coach Reilly!


  10. I just say that Cal U is showing all their games on the B2 network for FREE for their fans - INCREDIBLE!

    Living out West, I wish they were showing the GU games on B2. Jim, you have any idea why they're not showing the games this weekend? Free or Paid?

  11. Yah, that's weird.... on B2 originally (about 2-3 days ago) it said you could watch the Atlantic Region tournament, but you had to buy a "package" (all of the games) not just one game at a time and it was like $40.00 or something and now there's nothing on the site at all about Gannon. Technical issues, maybe?

  12. Great win tonight ... A truly unselfish performance ... That may be the fastest NCAA game by time in history. UPJ sat back in a zone and was content for GU to rain in threes.

    For those who weren't there, A-B looked very good at times, very bad at others. They turned over the ball a lot. They have three fantastic players (Liggine, Hall, and Eargle, who apparently was on the GU roster briefly). It should be interesting.

    The UPJ game went so fast that people got to watch or listen to the end of the women's game. GU's overtime win is their first trip to the sweet 16. They earn a date against powerful California. The game is on the B-2 network on Monday night at 7:00. You can find it on