Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Central Mo. 86, Gannon 77

My daughter is successfully being potty trained, so we're going to celebrate by getting her some ice cream right now. I'm OK. Really. I've already moved on from the season-ending loss. I swear I'm OK.

All right, that's not true -- I'm really bummed out after the Knights' 12-point second half lead was erased by a barrage of threes. I'll dwell on this more later ... and celebrate the winningest season in Gannon basketball history.


  1. Heartbreaking Loss. This is going to take some time to get over,but what a great year of basketball this team gave the Erie fans. This team represented Gannon, and the city of Erie with class.

  2. As much as I hate to say it, to borrow from Mike Lange, they beat our defense like a rented mule in the second half.

    The three-point barrage was tough enough. It's not like we were draped all over them when they took them, but they hit shot after shot and that was impressive. The real killer possessions were the two where they missed the three badly, but got the rebound and putback and a foul for an old-fashioned three-point play. Then the two possessions in the last five minutes where a Mule player penetrated and got a pass for an easy lay-up. I guess that it was tough to see our proud defense get shredded like that in the last 12 minutes where I believe they scored 44 (!) points.

    Thanks for the venting. I feel much better. I agree ... it was a very tough loss to take and we won't get our rematch against Findlay. Do we cheer on the Mules? I would say yes. I remember watching Morehouse get destroyed in the semifinals in a horrible effort after beating us in the final minute and it was painful.

    The TV broadcast was pretty good. The play-by-play guy was adequate. It got annoying when he kept mentioning our 49-1 record in the second half. The color guy was top-notch. It seems like he followed D-II basketball all year (like Steve Bohen does for Western PA HS sports) and he seemed well-prepared, especially for having to do eight games. It seems like he talked to GU people as well. This was evident when he shared the perspective of the long GLIAC bus trips.

    Thanks for a great season, Knights! The worst part is that there aren't any games. I must say that this is the most enjoyable season ever in my 25 years or so of following their every move.

    One question to our Blogger extraordinaire ... How often will you keep posting in the off-season?

  3. All 3 teams that won today were down by 12 or more points at some point in the 2nd half... very strange coincidence?!

  4. Findlay's last possessions:

    3, 3, TO, 3, 3, 3, TO, 3, layup+FT, 1/2 from the line, 2/2 from the line, made jumper, made lay-up, missed lay-up, lay-up, lay-up, made jumper, 2/2 FT, 2/2 FT, 2/2 FT, 2/2 FT, 2/2 FT

    They scored on 18 of their last 21 possessions. In those, they were 12/15 from the field. And in two of those misses, they got the rebound and scored. They were also 13/14 from the line.


  5. Whoops, I meant the Mules' last 21 possessions, of which they scored 44 points (2.1 points per possession).

    Speaking of Findlay, they won by 10 in overtime.

  6. Terrible end to a wonderful season. The guys played their hearts out all year and provided more entertainment than a fan could ever ask for. I'm pretty much catatonic now, but I'm glad that they made it back to Springfield.

    My one other comment is: where was Mark Demski in the second half? He played so terrific in the first half to give the Knights a boost and the lead. Mark really caught the Mules by surprise and filled in great when Kyle went down. I just wish that he would have even seen the floor in the second half.

  7. Well, as much as I was rooting against Findlay, since they won, I'm now rooting for them to go the whole way. (I would've rooted for CW Post to go the whole way if they would've won). I'm a UCONN basketball fan (men's and women's) so I think it'd be cool to see if UCONN Women can go undefeated and from pre-season #1 to National Champion and if Findlay can do the same. Would be an amazing feat by both teams

    But, if Findlay loses, I won't shed any tears :)

  8. Findlay wins again, 67-65. They are taking "survive and advance" to another level.

    AJJJ -- We both like Gannon, but in D-I women, I cheer for the Lady Vols. :)

    By the way, the only NCAA team to complete an undefeated season is George Fox, the D-III women's champions. They're an Oregon school. And their nickname is NOT the Foxes. It's the Bruins.

  9. Well, I won't have to worry about your team beating UCONN because pretty sure they got knocked out by #12 Ball State in the 1st round :) (haha sorry, not a Pat Summitt fan so had to rub it in)

    What do you mean the only NCAA team to complete an undefeated season? Just in Women's are you talking? I'm pretty sure UCONN women went undefeated a few years back when they won the national championship??..??

  10. AJJJ -- I meant this year. Plenty of teams in D-I, D-II, and D-III have completed undefeated seasons over the years.

    George Fox was the only team this year to COMPLETE an undefeated season. Yukon and Findlay still have a few games left.

  11. ohhhh okay.. sorry i read your post wrong. I got you now. And you're right Findlay and UCONN do still have games remaining before accomplishing such a coveted feat, but I'm pulling for them both. Again, though, if Cal Poly defeats Findlay I won't be shedding any tears because it's always nice to see an "underdog" and "cinderella" team win it all.

    Side note - I really thought Central Missouri was going to defeat Findlay. What a great game that was! Very good basketball!

    Side side note - My boss' Rock Chalk Jayhawks lost to my Michigan State Izzos (Spartans), in which a double or nothing bet was at stake (I owed him 50.00 from a previous bet) so now not only do I not owe him anything, but now my teams have done better than his in D2 Basketball (Gannon over Edinboro), D1 Women's basketball (UCONN over Tennessee), D1 Men's (MSU over Kansas) and last year's MLB (Indians over Pirates... although I'll win that battle every year until he chooses the Yankees or Red Sox haha)