Thursday, March 19, 2009

8 Links for the Elite 8

These web site links should help you stay in the information loop for the Elite 8 next week. If Gannon makes it to Saturday's championship, you'll visit these sites often. If Gannon loses to Central Missouri Wednesday, you'll probably smash your computer against the wall, so the links won't matter at that point.

This is allegedly the official Division II men's basketball bracket. I say "allegedly" because it just changed from what we've been following the past week or so. Originally, the only way Gannon could meet #1 Findlay (32-0) or #2 CW Post (30-0) was in the championship game. The NCAA had Findlay and Post opposite GU's bracket in the 2009 championship handbook that was located on the NCAA web site for schools to refer to all year. In addition, that bracket was on during the regionals and was on the T-shirts the NCAA sold at the regionals. But when Gannon received its participant packet Wednesday morning, Findlay and Post were switched to Gannon's side of the bracket. I've been told that after long discussions (and some arguing by several schools) on two separate conference calls, the NCAA announced that everyone was wrong except the person at the NCAA who put the participant packet together. So, the Gannon-Central Missouri winner will now play the Findlay-Post winner in the semifinals.

I'm not going to bark about this too much because it seems that teams who whine about their bracket or their seeding get eliminated because they're not focused on what they can control. But come freaking on! How can the incredibly anal and highly funded NCAA commit such a fundamental blunder? Can you imagine if this happened in the DI Big Dance? Every bracket filled out by the fans (and President Obama) would be null and void. I've participated in hundreds of tournaments from the Boys Club to grade school to high school to AAU to the YMCA to Family First to college, and none of them ever made this big a screw-up. Click on the above link frequently. The bracket could change again for all we know ...

This is the official 2009 NCAA Division II Men’s Basketball Elite 8 Web Headquarters. The site includes a complete schedule and information on all eight teams. Information is also available on the site for tickets, hotels, history of the tournament, directions, restaurants, and much more.

Gannon has also developed a Web site with additional NCAA Division II Elite Eight information.

This site has info on a bus trip for Erie fans who would like to travel to the Elite 8. The "Go Knights Package" includes bus travel, hotel rooms, and game tickets for fans and students. The "Go Mercyhurst Lakers" package includes an EMTA bus token, a room at the Flamingo Motel, a City of Erie parking ticket, and an autographed photo of Karl Fogel.

Watch the quarterfinal games via a Webcast here. Both semifinal games on Thursday, March 26 will be broadcast live on CBS College Sports Network. The finals will be aired on CBS ... unless the guy who assembled the participant packet said the finals will be on the Soap Opera Network.

Listen to the Gannon games on the radio here. I understand Jim LeCorchick will not be making the trip. Bummer. Then again, the last time LeCorchick broadcast for Gannon in the Elite 8 in Springfield, the Knights fell behind Morehouse 18-0 at the outset, so maybe it's better he stays away.

The official Gannon site will be updated by Gannon SSID (Super Sports Information Director) Dan Teliski throughout the remainder of Gannon's NCAA run.

This is the Twitter site for Central Missouri sports. Officially, Twitter is "a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers." In reality, it's for people who struggle to put together a coherent paragraph. (Note to self: that would be right up my alley, because sometimes I forget how to properly end a


  1. Unbelievable, but, like all other things in college basketball, the NCAA does whatever the heck it wants to do whenever the heck it wants to do it. In this case, they were catering to someone other than Gannon, probably schools from the South who didn't want to play an undefeated team unless it was in the finals, and are more likely to complain about their draw. Obviously, not much you can do except play whoever they say is in front of you and go from there.

  2. Jim, you obviously spoke with Dan or someone close to the situation because that's the exact response I got from Dan haha I read your first post and I was like "Whoa, I just read all that in Dan's e-mail". Findlay's not too happy about it either... I have friends that go to school there (I don't admit their my friends, but thats neither here nor there haha), but they said the whole bball team has been complaining about it and they said Coach Niekamp was been ballistic about it. Findlays site earlier in the week had them playing CW Post at 2:30pm and its now been switched to 8:00pm. I wonder if it has something to do with BYU-Hawaii losing?!... I mean the whole big stink was made about traveling there by the NCAA, so maybe it does?!...

    Either way.. it's garbage BUT.. I'm hoping this motivates Gannon to play that much harder! NCAA might have just helped out Gannon indirectly...

  3. Talk about Bracket Busters ...

    This is completely preposturous. How can they switch games like that? The NCAA program had the semifinals as the winners of the 12:00 and 8:30 games and the 2:30/6:00 winners facing off. I also found it strange that they had the West region winner playing at 2:30 (that did not change, at least for now). Perhaps someone complained that the 12:00 winner had an unfair advantage. Who knows?

    The twitter site was entertaining. UCM calles their home court the "Multi." And I like the nickname "Mules" and the fact that they embrace it so much. But the best quote is "THE HAY IS IN THE BARN!"

  4. Simulated conversation with Coach Reilly, with the way that i would assume his responses would go.

    Q: Coach, did you see that the semifinal matchups were switched?
    JTR: No. Do we still play Central Missouri?

    Q: Yes.
    JTR: Then what's your point? I don't need to change anything.

  5. you can't knock twitter until you use it for over a month - i love that i can (and did) get updates re: wviac bball games, as well as Michigan Tech, GVSU and Wayne State thanks to twitter - texted to my phone is i set it up that way too. until erie is a bit more technologically savvy, I dont see it catching like wildfire in the nwpa.

  6. From the Findlay basketball blog: They are also anticipating a GU / Findlay showdown. Hope we get it (because that means that we beat the Mules.

    I have the latest on the bracket confusion for the Elite Eight after talking with Jeff Jarnecke of the NCAA. He is a very helpful man.

    The brackets, as they are now, are correct. The bracket was set up in the fall before the season began but the wrong version of the bracket was posted on

    So, the possibility of a Gannon-UF showdown in the national final is gone. However, if those two are fortunate enough to get past their first-round games, it would be a heck of a Final Four matchup.

    I still don't like the idea of unbeaten teams playing each other in the first game, but there isn't much that can be done about that. I didn't like it when Winona and Bentley played as unbeatens a couple of years ago either. You deal with the situation as it is I guess. Enjoy the Elite everyone. I look forward to bringing you the best coverage possible from Springfield.