Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It can always be worse

It seems that every time Gannon and Mercyhurst hook up, the first team to crawl to the 50-point mark is the winner. The two teams know each other so well, it's hard to get a decent look at the basket, let alone a field goal.

If you ever find yourself frustrated by Gannon's offense tomorrow night, take solace in these two box scores:

They're from the Hilbert women's basketball team, who is winless through 19 games this year. The Hawks shoot just 23% from the field and 18% from 3-point range. I've heard when they shoot free throws, the cheerleaders standing near the baseline are asked to wear hard hats.

In one way you can say Hilbert has a balanced attack. They average 31 points and 30 turnovers per contest.


  1. Your post is very time appropriate, since Tuesday is the 15-year anniversary of the Lady Knights 117-18 rout of Hilbert. And the GU outfit wasn't anywhere close to as powerful as Coach Wright's teams as the 1993-94 squad won just seven games.

    Of the games you posted, the Fisher game featured a 42-0 run by SJF over a 16-minute stretch.

    In the second game, Hilbert didn't make a two-pointer in the second half; they were 3-10 from downtown, but 0-13 from inside the arc.

  2. I just wanted to say that I just got home from the GU/Hurst game.... great win, wish I could say the same about the game... absolutely horrendous 2nd half for Gannon, BUT a win is a win especially against Satan's team. But I wanted to say how awesome it was to see Goldcamp in uniform and warming up with the team. Even though he didn't play, me and all the people I was with gave him a standing ovation every layup he did during warmups. I am thrilled to see him back, not only for basketball purposes, but in general... school, health, etc. I was praying for him since the first release of his unknown "condition" and I'd like to think someone heard me... To Goldcamp, glad you're back buddy!

  3. As Chapman said this time of the year, "survive and advance." That said, GU dominated for 36+ minutes, but somehow almost gave it away.

    To tie in the subject of this post, GU's 59-57 win counts just as much as the Behrend women's 88-16 win over Hilbert this evening. One win. On to Saturday.