Monday, February 9, 2009

Atlantic Region Update - 2/9/09

I don't know the secret formula for determining the regional rankings, but I've always managed to come pretty close at least with the top 5 teams just by using my limited brain power. Here's this week's best guess:

  1. Alderson-Broaddus (18-2 vs. Division II teams, 2-0 this past week)
  2. Gannon (16-2, 2-0)
  3. Virginia Union (16-3, 1-0)
  4. Kutztown (16-3, 2-0)
  5. Indiana, Pa. (15-3, 1-1)
  6. Johnson C. Smith (15-7, 1-1)
  7. West Va. State (16-4, 2-0)
  8. Edinboro (14-5, 2-0)

Mercyhurst (14-6, 0-2), Elizabeth City State (15-6, 1-1), and West Liberty St. (12-5, 1-1) should battle for the final two spots in the top 10.

The biggest games this week include Edinboro at Mercyhurst, West Va. State at 16-4 UPJ, and Alderson-Broaddus at West Va. State.

On Wednesday I'll post the exact rankings and the top 8 teams' schedules for the week.


  1. I think those rankings look as a pretty good projection, but question.. who did IUP lose to?!

  2. also, is pitt-johnstown not in the atlantic region? if they are, you don't think they'd be ahead of the 3 teams you mentioned (as their record is much better). If not, what region are they in?

  3. so question... how can Gannon be ranked #4 in the nation and Alderson-Braddus be ranked #7, yet A-B is ranked #1 in Region...?! This befuddles me!



    1. Gannon 16-2 16-2
    2. Virginia Union 16-3 14-2
    3. Alderson-Broaddus 18-2 17-1
    4. Indiana (Pennsylvania) 15-3 15-3
    5. Kutztown 16-3 16-3
    6. Edinboro 14-5 14-5
    7. Johnson C. Smith 15-7 15-7
    8. West Virginia State 16-4 16-4
    9. Pitt-Johnston 14-4 14-4
    10. Elizabeth City State 15-6 15-6

  5. Not anymore. Lost to SRU. It was hard to listen to that game. What will happen now?

  6. hard to listen? you should've been there to see it... rumor is Goldcamp was throwing up at halftime (I guess he was as disgusted as us fans were.. but in all seriousness hope he's ok.. didn't play barely at all in 2nd half)

    This may have been the most ridiculously pathetic game I've ever seen! On all accounts... Gannon played horribly (although box score says they only had 13 turnovers.. the group I was with thought they had near 20 in the 1st half) It seemed like Rock got every rebound, yet somehow we outrebounded them 39-34. I will not point out individual mistakes, as much as I'd like to because there are two players that were EXTREMELY disappointing tonight (and one has been all season), but as a team they collectively blew it big time! I'll give SRU credit, they hustled and outplayed us, but (I also hate to do this, but this time it's true) the officiating was horrific! Goldcamp and Lindsey get murdered under hoop, no call.... Johnson barely touches his guy and gets 2 quick fouls. We fall to ground with ball, travel... they fall to ground with ball and roll around, timeout... Lindsey was originally called for a foul when he was not even near the play... after much deliberation and collaboration, they gave Johnson the foul appropriately (not that it mattered as Lindsey ended up fouling out with about 5-6 mins remaining on a stupid foul on Lindsey's account).

    I wish I could say I only listened to it on the radio, but folks, I was there and it was brutal. And can I say I thought it was very poor sportsmanship by the coach and players for not shaking hands. Yes, the crowd stormed the floor (which I said I'd like to see at Gannon sometime again.. so I kind of got my wish in a sick, twisted way), but the coach should've controlled the crowd lined his players up and shook hands. Instead, the coach celebrated with his players as Gannon lined up.. then after about 10 seconds of waiting walked to the locker room. Even before the game, Coach Reilly went to shake hands with SRU coach and he totally blew him off twice before shaking hands.... no class whatsoever.

    Although I did get my revenge (in my mind)... as I was waiting for some of my group to come back from the bathroom so we could leave, I was standing against a wall and a SRU fan decked out in SRU green, came up and noticed my Gannon shirt and said "I can't believe you are still wearing that, I would've burned it by now... we stomped your a$ and made you look like fools". Rather than just blowing it off like I should've my sarcastic, unsportsmanship side showed up and replied "It's ok, we'll get you back in the playoffs... oh wait, no we won't because you won't be there"

  7. On the radio, Lecorchick kept on commenting on how built and ripped the Slippery Rock players were. I just have to wonder: steroids? From what I heard last night, the Rock does not do things in any sort of a classy manner. The radio mentioned the Rock players elbowing the Knights guys in the kidneys, which is unthinkable at any time but especially considering that Kyle Goldcamp just missed a month with a serious stomach injury. Also, the hooligans in the crowd were apparently grabbing the Gannon players on the floor as well. So it wouldn’t really shock me if the Rock players were juicing up and then try to win by just shoving people around. I don’t know the NCAA’s drug testing policy with regards to public disclosure of tests, but I’d sure love to see it how clean those Rox players are…

  8. Do you still think Gannon will host the regional tournament?

  9. I should say, do they still have a good chance at hosting it?

  10. Lots of questions ... here are some answers:

    1. Yes, Gannon still can host the NCAAs. #3 Va. Union already lost this week. Gannon still plays #4 IUP and #6 Edinboro at home and has a head-to-head win over #5 Kutztown. If GU wins out, their strength of schedule should carry them past #3 A-B, even if they win out. But there are a TON of games between now and then with few guaranteed victories for GU.

    2. Not to be harsh, but the steriod accusation against SRU is kind of a leap. Those guys didn't look that big. Many of them were more rotund than muscular.

    3. Faithful: Thanks for posting the rankings. I will not try to predict the rest of the year -- I was waaaaay off.

    4. As the rankings show, UPJ is in the Atlantic. Their schedule is pretty weak, though, so they don't rate higher with their record.

    5. IUP lost to Edinboro last week.

  11. Jim, If A-B loses this Saturday (I believe they are playing a top 10 team), who do you think would be #1? I'm thinking IUP or else VA union or Gannon would remain, but depending on how Gannon does against Clarion (and even Lake Erie on Monday) I don't see them holding on to the top spot next week.

    Also, I agree with you, Jim, about the steroids accusation. But it was a strange situation. Our height was much bigger than them inside... Goldcamp appeared to be a foot taller than their biggest guy (yes, exaggeration, but point made).. Wilson, Stoczynski, Scandrett and even Demski all looked a few inches bigger than their biggest guys... the downfall was the size of their guards. Their guards were a good 3-5" taller than our guards, and even some of our forwards.

    Why can't Gannon get a 6'2" 190lb point guard? Or a 6'8-6'9 guy that shoots 40%+ from 3pt range (reference to Ashland's center).

  12. Stoczynski can hit they 3 and he is 6'7 or 6'8

  13. Oh I know... tyler is 6'7, but he's not a consistent three-point shooter. He's either on a streak, or on an off streak... And I don't consider him a "dominant" inside force. I want a big guy (center/power forward) that can dominate the inside, the boards, and shoot the 3's... like the kid from Ashland that was 6'10 or 6'11... Even a kid like the player from SRU that was 6'6 - 6'7 and was big (muscular and body-wise)... dominated inside and shot the three efficiently. Even a Josh Morgan-ish player... real good inside and could hit the jumper from outside of 19ft. Goldcamp could probably hit some threes, but I don't picture him being a consistent outside shooter... Wilson can't even make layups and his jumpers are ugly from close, Scandrett isn't even a question.

  14. 4Ever: If A-B loses Saturday and Gannon wins at Clarion, I would guess that Gannon would stay #1. IUP wouldn't move past GU because the Knights beat them head-to-head earlier.

    The reason Gannon can't get a 6-2, 190-pound PG or 6-9 3-point shooter is because you don't order players out of a catalog. Recruiting is hard. You get what you can get, and I think Gannon's done pretty dang well with it's current crop of players. I imagine almost ANY other team in D-II would trade rosters with Gannon. Enjoy what you have. Don't gripe about what you don't have.

  15. Jim, I forgot that we already beat IUP (I was thinking we beat Cal twice and lost to IUP, but sorry about that). I agree that I think Gannon would remain #1. And I really didn't mean to make it as if I was complaining about the current Gannon roster. BY NO MEANS! Well, I'm disappointed with a few players, but overall I agree Coach Reilly did a tremendous job of recruiting. Reason I mentioned us never getting that kind of talent is because it's something my grandfather always mentions. He just always points out when other teams have the "ideal" recruits (in his head). I do agree though that I feel Gannon is a "premier" D2 school and I don't see why we can't get an "ideal" player like that BUT (again not griping) Coach Reilly is very big on defense and teamwork... I'd love a 6'2 190lb point guard like Kyle Camper from SRU, but I would not want the attitude/unsportsmanlike conduct that comes with it. I'll take Joe Lindsey/Cory Knight over that garbage anyday!

    Again, sorry for any misconceptions...

  16. If Gannon can remain #1 the rest of the season, the Hammermill Center will be rockin' for the tournament games.

  17. Yes they will be!!! The only thing that is sad is I believe Gannon students are on Spring Break when the PSAC tournament begins so it may not be as vivacious as it should be, but hopefully they can hang on and get a top spot in the region so they can host a game, and then it will definitely be rocking.

  18. Students have never gone anyway, and the Audi is loud and crazy without them. EX: the East Stroudsburg game was loudest I have ever heard it down there and there was only about 1,500 and not many students (30 if that).

  19. I didn't think East Stroudsburg was as loud as the California game, but I do agree with you that students are not needed for it to be loud. However, I like when the students are there for the "chanting" (not rude however like SRU jeerleaders - like that term Jim!)... Boro and Hurst games are going to be rocking!

  20. Yeah, these next 3 home games (hopefully more) will be pretty loud and hostile. Ill expect a sell out for Boro and Hurst and around 2,000 or so for IUP.

  21. if there's not a sellout for Boro and Hurst (definitely Hurst though since they're closer and Boro depending on weather will determine fan attendance) then something is wrong with Erie.

  22. so who is bringing toilet paper?