Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sorting through Gannon's win at Edinboro

Because last night's Gannon at Edinboro game had no discernible flow, so it only seems right to toss out some random thoughts on the game:
  • I would have to say that Gil Cummings "did a mini-Edinboro" after his steal and layup gave the Scots a 60-58 lead with under 4 minutes to go. When timeout was called, instead of going to his bench, Cummings ran to the opposite side of the court and preened in front of the EUP faithful. The Scots did not tally another field goal until Cummings' meaningless three at the buzzer. They don't hand out trophies until the game is over. Behave accordingly.
  • How did Gannon react when Pierre Howard's baseline jumper at the 1:25 mark gave them a 1-point lead? They were excited but businesslike. You could see them quickly move to the mindset of "we need a stop" not "stop the game so we can celebrate." That's the benefit of having a veteran, big-game tested team that expects to win.
  • Gannon is still undefeated this year when Kyle Goldcamp is in the building. It was great to not only see him at the game but to see how involved he was in the game. He sat near the coaches and talked with them and his teammates regularly. Every stoppage in play he was the first guy to greet his teammates coming off the floor.
  • I think trash talking within limits is a great part of the game of basketball. After Joe Jones stuck a three on Cory Knight, his former teammate at Prep, Jones gave Knight at least two earfuls when Cory advanced the ball down the floor. If the refs would have called a T on Jones that would have been unfair. Teammates are allowed to jaw with each other, even if they're not officially on the same team.
  • Bruce Bolivar is not the anti-Christ. Several Gannon fans screamed at the bespectacled referee last night as if he was setting screens on Gannon defenders. Is a great referee? No. His first-half offensive basket interference call on Alphonso Scandrett was the wrong call from the wrong angle. But does Bolivar have an axe to grind against Gannon? No.
  • Think of all the planning and preparation that went into last night's game. And the margin of difference was Tyler Stoczynski's banked in free throw.
  • If Gannon wins Saturday against Lock Haven, they should move into the #1 spot in the Atlantic Region rankings. That would put them in the driver's seat to host the regional. I know I'm getting waaaaaaaay ahead of myself, but the prospects of the PSAC tournament and NCAA regional at Gannon is a thrill just to think about it.
  • If Gannon loses to Lock Haven Saturday, I'll abandon this website and start a blog on Mercyhurst Hoops. Or Urbana Hoops.


  1. One other point from the Edinboro game: I am glad to see that Pierre Howard stepped up big to drop 20 points and hit what was the go-ahead basket. He has been an excellent scorer in his time at GU, but it seemed like his stats were padded by scoring a lot in blow out wins. Last year down the stretch, he struggled to score consistently in the big games, especially against Findlay. Granted, the whole team had trouble against the Oilers, but it seemed like Pete started to wilt when the lights got bright. Good to see that he came up big on Wednesday.

    Note to Mr. Roddy, thank you for writing this blog; I've thought that something like this would be great to connect the Gannon fans in and outside of Erie.

  2. First, good observation about Howard's big play. Second, thanks for the compliment -- much appreciated.

  3. I agree with "D".... "P" has been huge for us in big wins this season and this blog is absolutely amazing, Jim. I wish you were still announcing.. along with Steve Bohen.

    Best memories of you two....
    Steve: "Moyer for threeeee........ (pause)
    COUNT IT!"