Thursday, January 15, 2009

GU's official comment on Goldcamp

I just got this from Gannon SID Dan Teliski. It's the University's official statement on Goldcamp:

“To clear up some issues regarding the Kyle Goldcamp health issues, it is not Gannon University’s or the family’s intent to make this a highly secretive issue. The fact of the matter is Kyle simply does not have a timetable to return. He is out indefinitely with health issues and until doctors can diagnose his issues, there is no need to speculate on what the situation is or when he might be back. We simply do not know and can not release information that we do not have. Thus, that is the reason he is listed as 'out indefinitely.' The Gannon basketball program appreciates everyone’s interest and concerns in regards to the program and its players. However, it would be premature to talk about an issue that isn’t cleared up and speculate on issues without clear facts. At this point, everyone is praying for a speedy recovery and hope to see Kyle back in the classroom and on the floor as soon as possible.”


  1. Jim:

    Will Goldcamp qualify for a medical red-shirt if he does not return this season?

    Also, what is the status on non-JUCO recruits for next years team? especially a big man? Any chance Riley will get a four year player?

  2. I have heard that Goldcamp will qualify for a medical redshirt if necessary. He's one game under the minimum, I'm told.

    As far as recruits for next year, I have no update. I'm sure Reilly will balance the classes appropriately.