Monday, January 5, 2009

GU/Bloomsburg Preview

The Knights begin this weekend's important two-game PSAC crossover set at 3-8 Bloomsburg. The Knights will try to avoid a -- gasp! -- losing streak. They should get an easy W Saturday if Goldcamp is healthy and Gannon plays decent basketball. Edinboro just crushed Bloom by 16, dropping 94 points on them.

The Huskies are just 1-3 at home this season. Their lone home victory was way back on Nov. 22 vs. Mercy; their home losses have been to Slippery Rock, Wilmington, and Goldey-Beacom. To give you and idea how crummy Goldey-Beacom is, they lost at home, 83-71, to Caldwell, the last-place finisher in this year's Porreco Cup.

Wilmington isn't much better. If you like comparative scores, check this out:
  • Wilmington beat Bloomsburg by 8
  • Kutztown beat Wilmington by 35
  • Gannon beat Kutztown by 30

So, Gannon should beat Bloomsburg by 73 ... if you believe in comparative scores.

The Huskies are very balanced. Ten players average 10+ minutes a game with five of them tallying double figures in points. The most interesting player is Michael Varanvage, a 6-foot, 220-pound guard, who joined the Huskies after completing another successful BU football season. I know the Knights like to take charges, but I'm concerned that if Joe Lindsey gets in Varanvage's way, he might be squashed like a bug.

Interesting Gannon tie-in: Bloom is coaching by John Sanow, who served as an assistant to Jerry Slocum at GU. In addition, Sanow and Coach Reilly have been good friends for many years.

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  1. jim, is there any word on when goldcamp may return. play-by-play is not illuminating anything today.