Sunday, January 25, 2009

Figuring things out

With 16 games in the book, I've figured a few things out:

1. Joe Lindsey is one of the top 3 point guards in modern Gannon history. I know that's a strong statement, but Lindsey compares favorably with Javar Cheatham and Mo Jamison (my boyhood idol). My former teammate Dave Callahan was a great team leader, but didn't have the offensive game Lindsey has. Juan Rodriguez was great but couldn't shoot from the outside. Same for Camara Mintz. Jarming White was the most talented from the neck down but was unreliable. I can't speak to Bill Callahan's abilities because while he was wearing the maroon-and-gold I was wearing diapers.

We knew last year that Lindsey could set up his teammates, and this year we're learning that he's a consistent scoring threat from multiple spots on the floor. I can't wait to see Kyle Goldcamp back on the floor with a confident Lindsey.

2. Gannon needs Kyle Goldcamp in the building, not necessarily in the lineup. The best news from Gannon's win last night at IUP was Kyle Goldcamp appearing at the game. He didn't play, but his presence was important. Goldcamp has been on the sidelines for two games this year, last night's 16-point drubbing of IUP and GU's 30-point shellacking of Kutztown. I've heard Goldcamp wants to pursue the medical profession in the future. Can someone change his mind encourage him to be a grad assistant coach for the Knights next season? Or maybe just get him a season ticket.

3. Currently, the best team in the PSAC West is ... Lock Haven. Forget that they're 3-14 overall and just 1-3 in the league. Here's how I figure they're Best in the West. Lock Haven beat Mercyhurst (yesterday) who beat Edinboro (last week) who beat Cal (yesterday) who beat Gannon (last week) who beat Slippery Rock (last week) and IUP (last night).

Obviously I'm joking here, but the bottom line is every team in PSAC West is competitive. Just ask Laker coach Gary Manchel. I'm sure his four-hour bus ride home from Lock Haven yesterday seemed like four days.


  1. I agree that Joe Lindsey is talented BUT he's no Steve Moyer! At least give Steve some respect and press on your blog. If I remember correctly, Steve hit 419 3's in his career.

  2. I agree that if you had to pick between Moyer and Lindsey, Moyer is a no-brainer. But I consider Moyer more of a two-guard than a point even though he was forced to play point at times in his GU career. Moyer nailed 442 threes as a Golden Knight.

  3. I agree that Moyer is the best thee-point shooter in GU history, but Lindsey has a huge edge in ball-handling and defense.

    Moyer's ability to run the point and defensive prowess improved greatly in his GU years, but they nowhere nearly approach Lindsey.