Saturday, January 17, 2009

Clarion/GU: Beyond the box score

You might think after looking at the stat sheet from Gannon's 79-62 win over Clarion today that coach John Reilly would love to have Josh Yanke back. Yanke, who transferred to Clarion from GU a couple years ago, registered 17 points and 7 boards against the Knights today, right at his season averages.

I can't speak for Reilly, but I'm fairly certain his answer regarding Yanke's return would range from "No, thank you" to "Asbolutely not!" Why do I say that? Because Yanke can score, but he's not the type of player that fits Reilly's mold. If you kept your eye on Yanke today away from the ball (like I did), here's what you saw:
  • from the outset, he complained to the referees that he was being fouled by his Gannon defender
  • frequently he was the last Clarion player back on defense because he jogged back to the paint after the change of possession
  • down 20 late in the game, he clapped in Dave Wilson's face after the GU forward fouled him while going for a rebound
  • his poor defensive footwork allowed Gannon's guards to get all the way to the basket with dribble penetration.
If Yanke was a regular in the Gannon lineup, they might score a few more points per game. But there's no way they'd be #1 in the country in scoring defense. And, more importantly, they wouldn't be nearly as cohesive or successful a basketball team.

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  1. Excellent analysis.

    In the middle of the first half I caught myself yelling at a Clarion player to pass the ball to an open guy. They sure didn't like giving it up. Gannon ended up with 19 assists while Clarion only had 8.